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Lubricity in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-02-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: lubricantelectricityrubricduplicitypublicitycomplicityhubrislugubriousMeaning: [luː'brɪsətɪ]  n. feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness. 
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1) Either way, a ski slope of unparalleled lubricity would result.
2) It is characterized by the lubricity of typical fluorocarbons.
3) Very good lubricity and EP property to enhance surface finishing and dimensional control of components.
4) The poor lubricity of low sulfur diesel fuel results in the bad wear pump.
5) EMCYLDN and separate easily from water, providing good lubricity and minimizing the wear in machine elements.
6) This article centers on studies of lubricity on injection pump by nano - Cu additive.
7) The invention relates to a hydrocarbyl-substituted succinimide lubricity additive or a hydrocarbyl-substituted succinamide lubricity additive for low sulfur diesel fuel.
8) Has good oxidation resistance, corrosion protection; excellent lubricity, anti - foaming anti - emulsification, good air release.
9) Graphite has good lubricity and plasticity, chemical stability, to acid, alkali, corrosion resistance to organic solvents.
10) The lubricity of hydrocracked diesel fuel in the presence of carboxylic acids with carbon number of 18 was investigated by using high-frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR) test.
11) Nylon is good wear proof ability, self - lubricity and noiseless!
12) The property, lubricity, compatibility with drilling fluid, anti-pollution ability of HRH-101 are evaluated by experiment in lab and selected the amount of optimum addition.
13) A market for biodiesel as a lubricity additive is also emerging.
14) There has been an increasing need for lubricity additives, because diesel fuel lubricity levels have been declining,( due to the need to desulfurize diesel fuel to meet tighter air quality standards.
15) And biofuels also improve vehicle performance - biodiesel lubricity actually extends the life of diesel engines.
16) The lubricity of low sulfur diesel fuels tends to be poor due to deep desulfurization.
17) Smear surface of bearing with Jubricating Oil tO improve the lubricity when casing . 2.
18) Some pains were taken by the authorities to exclude any hint of lubricity on these evenings.
19) Experimental results show that the method can keep the lubricity and definition of magnified image edges.
20) The volatilizing punching oil developed with isoalkane possesses excellent volatility, lubricity and anti-corrosion ability, which can apply to metalworking of aluminum fin-stock and copper tube.
21) It is investigated the influence of base Stocks and additives on lubricity, washability and reserved time of film, the semi-synthetic knitting oil for computerized flat machine is developed.
22) Barium Stearate is the stabilizer for PVC and the copolymer of chloroethylene with excellent lubricity and long-term thermal stability.
23) Manufactured from selected mineral oil compounded with balanced additives for additional cooling and lubricity properties.
24) Lower melting, rapid melting speed, good flow and good lubricity, which benefit for desulphuration effect.
25) The ROP accelerators helped increase the rate of penetration by improving the lubricity and reducing the viscosity of the mud which in turn reduced the friction of drill pipes on the wall of the hole.
26) Add PF - GLA for raise the resist caving capacity and lubricity.
27) D Punching Oil BS also contains anti corrosion & lubricity additives.
28) The dustless lead fumarate composite stabilizer has better heat stability, photostability and lubricity. Its characteristics and heat stability in PVC are better than those of other lead salts.
29) Features: Made from the latest formula, the product has a good lubricity with strong Pemeability.
30) It owns distinct effects to skin, truly a good sort of oils which can nourish and moist derma and let the skin turn to lubricity and soften.
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