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Hypocritical in a sentence

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Similar words: hypocrisycriticalcriticcriticizepoliticalpoliticallypolitical partymediocrityMeaning: [‚hɪpəʊ'krɪtɪkl]  adj. professing feelings or virtues one does not have. 
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1. Of course I was wrong; it would be hypocritical to pretend otherwise.
2. The Heidlers are an unpleasantly hypocritical pair.
3. He was hostile to their hypocritical sophistries.
4. The government were accused of being hypocritical and deceitful.
5. It's hypocritical to say one thing and do another.
6. Their accusations of corruption are hypocritical - they have been just as corrupt themselves.
7. It would be hypocritical to say I travel at 70mph simply because that is the law.
8. It's hypocritical of these universities to call their football players student-athletes.
9. It would be hypocritical of me to have a church wedding when I don't believe in God.
10. What a bunch of hypocritical mealy-mouthed people!
11. The hypocritical contrast between this elegant exterior and the sordid inner man is presented in a pedestrian and predictable manner.
12. She was to marry this mountebank, this hypocritical toad of a Sir Thomas.
13. She mocks the snobbish, hypocritical and materialistic views of many people and their narrow views.
14. It would be hypocritical to assert that the public sector provides better standards.
15. Several senators said it was hypocritical to ban imported weapons but not U.S.-made ones.
16. Hypocritical humility is the highest form of lying. Honest arrogance is the lowest form self-promotion. Dr T.P.Chia 
17. I think it's a little hypocritical to get married in a church when you don't believe in God.
18. I would just like to say that this is the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard in my life.
19. We were all playing roles in a comedy. l tried to prove to Sonya that withholding herself from me was hypocritical.
20. He is telling the church to stick to its principles and not get side tracked or become hypocritical.
21. The charade at the White House today about calling a halt to politics is transparently hypocritical.
22. For one nation to protest about the other seems hypocritical,( to say the least.
23. The Victorian values so cherished by Thatcherism served the same hypocritical purpose.
24. Though she'd never been much of a nurse and it was hypocritical to pretend otherwise.
25. Not withstanding the propaganda of many generations of tight-assed hypocritical grown-ups: Hell no.
26. The other reason was it would have been somewhat incongruous and hypocritical.
27. Good and honest people are equally vulnerable to being hypocritical and deceptive when self- interests are involved – sometimes even honest people have to pay the price of acting hypocritically or unscrupulously. Dr T.P.Chia 
28. Richard Russell Ramos does his best as the stereotypically hypocritical bishop.
29. The myth of the self-made man, has to be profoundly hypocritical: it is the self-serving demonstration that a lie is the truth. Che Guevara 
30. Honesty is an expensive virtue, and no one is really 100% honest. People are by nature half- honest and half- hypocritical, and they naturally choose to be hypocritical if doing so is beneficial to them. There is always a constant struggle between honesty and dishonesty, but nothing can replace honesty in a pleasant, healthy and happy life. Dr T.P.Chia 
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