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Erratically in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-01-04Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: erraticstaticallyfanaticallydramaticallygrammaticallyautomaticallyaberrationpoliticallyMeaning: adv. in an erratic unpredictable manner. 
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(1) Police stopped him for driving erratically.
(2) Being out of practice the team played very erratically.
(3) He was obviously upset and was driving erratically.
(4) He always drives erratically.
(5) His heart beat erratically.
(6) In her study, books were arranged erratically on chairs, tables and shelves.
(7) The machine is working erratically - there must be a loose connection.
(8) Her heart beating erratically, she obeyed, clasping her hands together to prevent her fingers from straying into his black hair.
(9) The redistribution of wealth, erratically pursued by successive governments since 1945, was markedly reversed in the 1980s.
(10) He has behaved wilfully and erratically, and shows no hint of getting a grip on the country's problems.
(11) They are erratically distributed around the planet, and the gases they emit vary in outgassed particular matter.
(12) He wore erratically laced army boots, and olive-green fatigues, and a heavy-knit dun brown sweater.
(13) Does the volume of your logistics activity vary erratically?
(14) Economic changes are proceeding erratically.
(15) Also, the fallout from Chernobyl spread erratically, differing significantly from computer - generated models used by emergency planners.
(16) Adult prevalence rates swing erratically, from a staggering 38.8 percent in Botswana to less percent in Senegal.
(17) Adult prevalence rates erratically, from a staggering 38.8 percent in Botswana to less than 1 percent in Senegal.
(18) He was a mousy man: long thin strands of hair protruded erratically from under his steel helmet.
(19) Movement is always hard to assess at this age, but avoid any puppy who moves erratically or is obviously lame!
(20) The drones interrupted their rhythmic flights over the fields and began to fly about erratically.
(21) Few things are as instantly heart-stopping to a computer user as the time when his machine starts to behave erratically.
(22) As I rode away, I noticed that the front disc brake still faded erratically.
(23) Their performances were shambolic with guitar strings snapping - as ever - and the timing fluctuating erratically.
(24) The public's dislike of unprincipled press behaviour has sometimes been expressed in the award of erratically large libel damages.
(25) Members of informal groups in work organizations usually have vague group objectives, and are less cohesive and behave erratically.
(26) However, it would certainly confuse the fox, thereby causing it to run erratically as described.
(27) The Office of the Inspector General in its parent department, Health and Human Services, said in June that the agency is performing erratically in policing recalls of imported foods.
(28) The experience of the poor, and especially poor people of color, comes to resemble that of a rat in a cage scrambling to avoid erratically administered electric shocks.
(29) Memory leak is a significant bug that can make programs behave erratically.
(30) Pay close attention to anybody who is confused, abnormally clumsy, paddling off - course, or otherwise behaving erratically.
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