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Hermetically in a sentence

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Similar words: patheticallyaestheticallyhypotheticallyparentheticallymetaphoricallystaticallytheoreticalpoliticallyMeaning: adv. in an airtight manner. 
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1. The batteries are designed to be leak-proof and hermetically sealed.
2. Dried milk is kept in hermetically sealed containers.
3. Insiders are hermetically sealed from the intrusion of outsiders by the assumption of zero labour turnover.
4. Each is a hermetically sealed universe, bumping off the others with very little cross-pollination.
5. Space and time can not be regarded as hermetically sealed domains.
6. The two approaches, therefore, are not hermetically sealed units, impenetrable to each other.
7. The would-be island, now with hermetically sealed borders and excluding all but a few tourists, is full of noises.
8. Racism is the product of impenetrable or hermetically sealed minds.
9. These plastic packs of food are hermetically sealed.
10. But this frame is not hermetically sealed.
11. Bipolar Device Hermetically sealed TO18 Metal Package.
12. The probe unit is hermetically sealed.
13. The containers loaded with the dough are hermetically closed.
14. Hermetically sealed, very high speed, logic gate optocoupler.
15. This bag is hermetically sealed.
16. Totally enclosed , non ventilated, hermetically sealed submersible type.
17. The hermetically sealed construction not only ensures the seal performance, but also improves the intensity to resist tension load, and is processed and assembled conveniently.
18. Hermetically sealed, the HAEL load cells are moisture proof and provide pinpoint accuracy throughout a wide temperature range.
19. The Bith hermetically sealed their cities, and retreated from the growing wilds of their planet.
20. Easy installation , good exchanging capacity . Sealed hermetically with damp proof material ( glue envelop and laser - welded ).
21. Dry Reed Relay. A glass-enclosed, hermetically sealed, magnetically actuated contact. No mercury or other wetting material is used.
22. As before, the laser package is hermetically sealed for reliable operation in adverse environments and the laser output is collimated using an internal lens system.
23. We drove past a row of squalid shacks on the way to our hotel, where we slept in air-conditioned, hermetically sealed rooms.
24. I think we need to be theoretically and politically clear that no single culture is hermetically sealed off from others.
25. Reed Relay A relay using one or more glass - enclosed , hermetically sealed, magnetically actuated contact members.
26. Platinum wire wound Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) construction consists of very fine high purity Platinum wire wound onto a ceramic core and then hermetically sealed with a glassed coating.
27. This paper introduces the design method that uses cold plate technique to cooling of hermetically sealed transmitter. It gives the calculation process of the design method deduced from theory.
28. All switch contacts shall normally be double-pole double throw, Form C, hermetically sealed[], rated for 1 ampere minimum at 24VDC.
29. And the boudoir - grand piano, beautifully dusted , hermetically sealed as ever.
30. With teflon seal cylinder, glass insulators, ball bonding and tin soldering, CAK35 hermetically sealed wet tantalum capacitor has no electrolyte leaking.
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