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Metaphorically in a sentence

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Similar words: metaphorhistoricallyhistoricalmeteorictypicallybasicallyphysicallystaticallyMeaning: ['metə'fɔrɪklɪ ,-'fɑ- /-'fɒ-]  adv. in a metaphorical manner. 
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1. She was, literally and metaphorically, in perfect shape.
2. The phrase 'born again' is used metaphorically to mean that someone has suddenly become very religious.
3. You're speaking metaphorically, I hope.
4. Gregory put the boot in ... metaphorically speaking!
5. Metaphorically speaking, I hasten to add.
6. Metaphorically speaking, you could see straight through him to the other side of the room.
7. Not united metaphorically, or even just in partnership, but on the most fundamental physical levels.
8. This is accomplished by metaphorically fitting the discourse of astrophysics on to that of psychology.
9. It corresponded metaphorically to a view of life that was similarly rationalistic and intelligible.
10. Metaphorically it implied a sort of admirable energy.
11. But now businesses are being urged to keep metaphorically clean, too.
12. The other extreme took "law" completely metaphorically, picking out some standard or norm perceivable in natural phenomena which governs behavior through entirely impersonal means.
13. This idiom is nowadays used to indicate metaphorically halting an attack or ceasing all activities.
14. Metaphorically each rich nation can be seen as a lifeboat full of comparatively rich people.
15. She expressed herself metaphorically.
16. It is context and convention that determine whether a term will be interpreted literally or metaphorically.
17. He was just Margaret's old chum who had loaned me a shoulder and was still metaphorically holding my hand.
18. In the supper room Auguste would be running around like a scalded cat, metaphorically if not literally.
19. The most commonplace metonymic index of industry - the factory chimney - is also metaphorically a phallic symbol.
20. But Carrick has now gained an age where young lads metaphorically doff their caps and older spectators offer grudging respect.
20. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
21. These are collocational ties which in many cases defy literal interpretation, and have to be understood metaphorically.
22. Back at the theatre, the first night was rife with tension and the audience cold, both literally and metaphorically.
23. Charles and Clarissa made thankful noises, drank a little champagne, and metaphorically wiped their faces.
24. Do they really physically raise a sardonic eyebrow, and make a long face, or only metaphorically?
25. Lakoff and several others in his field have demonstrated, how-ever, that nearly all conceptual and abstract thought is structured metaphorically.
26. What is terrifying is the risk of humiliation, of metaphorically falling flat on one's face.
27. English is a synthetic language whose words may be metaphorically nominalized by adding suffixes.
28. From the cognitive perspective, synaesthesia is also a kind of metaphor, and it embodies metaphorically cognitive and thinking processes.
29. Hold this bowl for a moment , please; also metaphorically: A crazy idea took hold of him.
30. After data collection and analysis, it is found that happiness is also conceptualized metaphorically and metonymically in Chinese.
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