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Necromancer in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-12-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: romanceRomanromanticpax romanacancerdancerperformancemary wollstonecraftMeaning: ['nekrəmænsə(r)]  n. 1. one who practices magic or sorcery 2. one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead. 
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(1) The necromancer revives an ancient and unholy priest.
(2) Magician, wizard, necromancer, and sorcerer.
(3) Dutin was once a necromancer apprentice.
(4) The necromancer tried to keep the anticipation out of her voice.
(5) Necromancer: Lord Arthas , our scouts have found a cache of goblin land mines!
(6) She had once been a living necromancer, and she took orders from no one.
(7) With this ritual, necromancer enchants his own body to protect himself from death.
(8) All Necromancer pets now play a spawn animation when they are summoned.
(9) With this ritual, the necromancer revives a Wight and binds him to his service.
(10) Necromancer: this class is all about the raise dead spell.
(11) The necromancer hurls a bolt of dark energies against his enemies.
(12) With this ritual[], the necromancer revives a Mound King and binds him to his service.
(13) Their life had become a never-ending trudge to keep the Looms of the necromancer weaving dreadful enchantments.
(14) This ambition was encouraged by the magicians, soothsayers and necromancers who clustered at the Imperial Court.
(15) Although they're full of droll talk and amusing mannerisms, they are still necromancers.
(16) Or a charmer , or a consulter with familiar spirits , or a wizard, or a necromancer.
(17) The Leviathan is a dead , rotting Asp Turtle given false life by a necromancer.
(18) We're not specifically designing the witch doctor to leave room for a necromancer class.
(19) If things start to go sour, or the mob isn't mega fast, the Necromancer can fear the mob and YOU get to kite.
(20) Order of the Vampire: no longer triggers if you have other Necromancer Enchantments on you.
(21) The prolocutor of the collective in my place is called Nipa, It is translated as Wzard or Necromancer in Chinese, they are only the epic singers(, the concretionary time and live dictionaries.
(22) The choice is yours: Warrior, Ranger , Monk , Elementalist, Mesmer, or Necromancer.
(23) This literary figure vividly interprets the evolution changing from necromancy to Taoism, and mainly shows the successive change from necromancer novels to Taoist novels.
(24) They were recently brought to the front stage of world affairs when a Necromancer army liberated the Mother Namtaru from one of their island prisons.
(25) It is claimed that his power is on a par with the Great Necromancer Nagash, so it is fortunate that Teclis has devoted his life to thwarting the powers of Chaos and death.
(26) The Ziz is a dead, rotting Great Eagle given false life by a necromancer.
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