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Naphtha in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2016-12-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: eighthsnapwith the help ofkidnapsnap offsynapseknapsackmetaphorMeaning: ['næfθə]  n. any of various volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures; used chiefly as solvents. 
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1. In the square the flower-sellers had lit the naphtha flares in the buckets set along the cobblestones.
2. The Naphtha Stipper Reboiler duty is not decreased proportionally to the laden methanol to be stripped.
3. Finally, the solubility of methyl chloride in solvent naphtha was mensurated to accord to industrial application.
4. Naphtha is the main feedstock for steam cracking process, therefore its property directly influences the yields of main cracking products and the operation cycle of cracking furnace.
5. A fluidized-bed process for upgrading FCC naphtha ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst has been developed.
6. It will build 12 daily production capacity of 600 tons of differential fiber plant, crude gasoline (naphtha) eventually turn the finished clothes.
7. Reaction rules of FCC light naphtha upgrading and FCC naphtha recycle and reflux upgrading have been investigated with FCC catalyst in the bench scale riser FCC unit.
8. Objective : To extract and determine naphtha in Eupatorium fortune.
9. The treating process included naphtha absorption, light gas oil absorption and once through hydrogenation, etc.
10. The bases of this substance is naphtha, which has a very strong effect for health care.
11. Solvent naphtha is one of the five broad areas of petroleum products.
12. Fuel ( Gasoline and Naphtha ) cars of capacity 50 - thousand liters.
13. In contact with a hot surface, naphtha petroleum fractions crack to produce ethylene and propylene.
14. Methods: Apply microwave extraction in determining content of naphtha in Eupatorium Fortune.
15. Meanwhile, the lack of naphtha raw materials and the obsoleteness of production facilities and equipment will also affect China's aromatics production capacity.
16. The aromatic hydrocarbons content in naphtha was analyzed by a chemical reaction method.
17. The dry point of light naphtha is one important product quality parameter.
18. Light petroleum distillate , generally known as naphtha, was the logical choice.
19. Effects on inferior resid FCC naphtha quality were discussed by using the test data and the productive data.
20. I had been in the division only about three months, and barely knew what naphtha was.
21. A model for calculating the blending octane number based on the main components, such as MTBE, reformate, FCC naphtha, alkylate and straight-run gasoline, is presented.
22. A solvent-based vacuum filter-dryer for extracting sapogenin hydrolyzate was designed to improve working environment, increase efficiency of solvent naphtha and simplify the process.
23. He produced the desired results by joining two sheets of fabric with dissolved India rubber soaked in naphtha.
24. The experimental results showed that bimolecular reaction pattern was dominant over catalyst A, which resulted in lower dry gas yield and lower olefin content in cracked naphtha.
25. One byproduct he worked with was coal tar , which , when distilled, produced naphtha.
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. The higher the hydrogen transfer activity of catalyst, the lower the FCC naphtha, and in the meanwhile, the coke yield increased and diesel yield decreased.
27. The taxpayers shall establish ledgers for delivering intermediate products for use for the self-produced naphtha used in their continuous production.
28. The copper belt corrosion was caused by H 2 S and active sulfur in naphtha.
29. The technical features, process design and commercial application of FDFCC cracked naphtha olefin reduction were described.
30. DCC catalyst consists of a modified mesopore zeolite with pentasil structure for primary product of naphtha range to undergo secondary cracking for producing light olefins.
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