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Euphemistically in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-01-03Updated:2017-01-03
Similar words: euphemisticeuphemismstatisticalenthusiasticallychemistrychemicaloptimisticstaticallyMeaning: adv. in a euphemistic manner. 
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1, The prison is euphemistically called a "rehabilitation centre".
2, The prison camps were euphemistically called 'retraining centres'.
3, The greying of the City, you could euphemistically call it.
4, Euphemistically known as " legacy codes, " they were in fact far older . Mir.
5, Its people have long talked euphemistically of "resolving" their needs by finding unofficial ways round shortages and rules.
6, As Jobs euphemistically said yesterday,( "iTunes is leading the way."
7, His violent death was euphemistically referred to as a passing away.
8, Users are forced to do what is euphemistically called a " custom install "
9, Wujiang Road, once euphemistically called Love Lane, was a center for prostitution in prewar Shanghai and was later known for its snack stalls.
10, " Queer " is the word often used euphemistically for " mad ".
11, I was grateful, as I had never before experienced what is euphemistically called a hangover.
12, Her boys were always in the throes of what she euphemistically called summer colic.
13, No company ever announces layoffs. They are referred to euphemistically as restructuring or operational streamlining and are used to justify an obligation to help an organization remain competitive.
14, And yet, amid the back alleys jammed with girlie bars and a beachfront peopled with what the Thais euphemistically call “service women,(” there are signs of change.
15, The only a priori intellectual honest and rational investment strategy is, euphemistically, to sample the field widely–or better known as "spray and pray".
16, In September, President George W Bush even defended torture - referring to it euphemistically as "an alternative set of [interrogation] procedures" - and secret CIA prisons.
17, Not surprisingly, marriage counselors find that a common cause of Chinese divorces is marital infidelity, euphemistically referred to as "di san zhe, " or "a third party."
18, The U.S. House of Representatives adopted a similar motion on the sex slaves -- known euphemistically in Japan as "comfort women" -- in late July.
19, The Great Society needs a more creative approach to what are euphemistically called the golden years.
20, Under the law, utilities were entitled to a profit, euphemistically called a rate of return, on all their expenses.
21, In the end, the famine, widely regarded as the worst in recorded history, is only euphemistically mentioned by the phrase that "the project of constructing socialism suffered severe complications.
22, Sam was the leader of the Arkansas Business Council, a group of prominent businesspeople euphemistically known as the Good Suit Club.
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