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Hegemony in a sentence

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Sentence count:95Posted:2016-11-13Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: ceremonythe general publicharmonyacrimonylemontestimonydemonstratedemonstratorMeaning: [hɪ'dʒemənɪ /hɪ'ge-]  n. the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others. 
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(1) The three nations competed for regional hegemony.
(2) The final key to Europe's world hegemony was her military superiority.
(3) The result was either docile acquiescence to the hegemony of bourgeois culture or schizophrenia.
(4) The historical legacy of this hegemony continues to have a profound influence on the contemporary political landscape.
(5) He was then, still, under the hegemony of dangerous drugs as he had been, for nearly a decade.
(6) The meanest kids appreciated his hegemony and stuck to him like magnets on a refrigerator.
(7) This is diplomatic language for joint hegemony and a proposed sellout of the Peloponnesian League.
(8) So effective was hegemony around the poor law that it continued throughout the preindustrial period and the period of rapid growth.
(9) Executive hegemony is also facilitated by institutional arrangements that combine, rather than separate, the legislative and executive branches.
(10) It fights for its own hegemony in literature; wherever it triumphs, the older genres go into decline.
(11) Hegemony evolves in an extensive but temporary form, equilibrium is only relative.
(12) China opposes hegemonism, and China will never seek hegemony.
(13) Britain, France, the United States and Japan all aspired to hegemony after the end of World War I.
(14) Without this continuing endorsement Gloucester could not have maintained so wide a hegemony.
(15) The State exercises coercion, but civil society performs the function of maintaining hegemony, or domination by consent.
(16) The geography of Boiotia might to a shallow observer seem to suit her for naval hegemony.
(17) It did not engage in the struggle for mass cultural-political hegemony.
(18) What we have encountered is a much more unstable hegemony, which was successfully challenged by competing groups.
(19) The functionality of military expenditure resides for structuralists in the contribution it makes to the ideological hegemony of the capitalist system.
(20) Each of them is part and parcel of the turn-of-the-century crisis in the hegemony of the bourgeoisie.
(21) For the single greatest cultural movement of the twentieth century is the rise and global hegemony of black music.
(22) It is important particularly because it draws together both coercion and hegemony in the state.
(23) These conditions include theories of pedagogy and practices of hegemony that help to determine the meanings of literacy for particular practitioners.
(24) In this way[], thought and action are conditioned to serve the interests of capitalism through an ideological hegemony.
(25) This strategy of imputing impurity to women who challenged medical hegemony had its effects.
(26) Even more controversial were attempts to challenge the prevailing white male hegemony within local government.
(27) The DTI still has a long way to go before it can seriously contest the Treasury's hegemony over matters economic.
(28) It was this royal backing which turned Gloucester's territorial influence into a regional hegemony.
(29) The mythical value of the siege for the construction of protestant - loyalist hegemony should not be underrated.
(30) Are we always to be part of the Ankh-Morpork hegemony?
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