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Ignoble in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2016-10-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: basedisgracefullowmeanshamefulelegantgracefulnobleSimilar words: sign onignoreproblemnobodyobliquelyobliviousdiagnoseobligationMeaning: [ɪg'nəʊbl]  adj. 1. completely lacking nobility in character or quality or purpose 2. not of the nobility. 
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(1) There's something cowardly and ignoble about such an attitude.
(2) She saved her fury for the ignoble dead.
(3) Their vision, for all its limits, was not ignoble.
(4) With its own ignoble voice, blood does, indeed, cry out for blood.
(5) He is an ignoble man.
(6) It was some foul parody, some infamous ignoble satire.
(7) It's so -- so ignoble.
(8) He acquired a slouching gait, and ignoble look.
(9) To betray a friend is ignoble.
(10) Some very great men have come from ignoble families.
(11) Javert, though frightful , had nothing ignoble about him.
(12) Ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain.
(13) The fear of death is somewhat abject and ignoble.
(14) To bettay a friend is ignoble.
(15) Vain was that ambition, surely not an ignoble one, to set his name beside those of Gibbon and Mommsen.
(16) Values are ignoble or noble according to one's prejudices and intentions.
(17) Can my hon. and diplomatic Friend assure us that these important diplomatic communications were not ultimately put to any ignoble use?
(18) The decision to fall into line was not made for ignoble reasons, but from financial necessity.
(19) Of course it is irksome to have to persuade one's fellow states, many of which act out of ignoble motives.
(20) joys and sorrows, and has achieved whatever work it was in him to do, the fear of death is somewhat abject and ignoble.
(21) What did he think of her -- that she was base, vulgar, ignoble?
(22) The self - absorbed love is lofty, while the selfish love is ignoble.
(23) For my part I think it a less evil that some criminals should escape than that the government should play an ignoble part(Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(24) Whatever work it was in him to do, the fear of death is somewhat abject and ignoble.
(25) Nathan Hale would sooner die a hero than drag out an ignoble existence.
(26) Nobility is the epitaph for the noble and ignobility , the pass for the ignoble.
(27) Mr. Baldwin was, of course, not moved by any ignoble wish to remain in office.
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