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Senescent in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-10-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ageingagingSimilar words: adolescentdescendscenesceneryacquiescenceobsolescencescentnascentMeaning: [sɪ'nesnt]  adj. growing old. 
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1. Mr Lee seemed a gentleman, but senescent, and a gentleman from quite another, distant age.
2. Unusual numbers of dead holly trees with senescent branches or main trunks; 2.
3. I may be senescent, but I'm not yet senile.
4. Results: The obvious amitotic phases and cellular senescent characteristics were observed in adult goat ventricular muscle cells including working and conducting cardiac muscle cells.
5. I may be senescent, but I am not yet senile.
6. The drug appeared to clear out only senescent cells, not normal ones, and the animals didn't appear to suffer any side effects, the researcher said.
7. First, the researchers cleared senescent cells from the mice throughout their lives—giving the drug every 3 days beginning as soon as the animals were weaned.
8. Two mechanisms exist for removal of senescent RBC; both conserve the principal constituents of the cell for reuse.
9. Senescent cells; Mitotic cells that cannot divide, but remain metabolically active. Senescence is often caused by stimuli that can cause cancer.
10. Aim : To explore the proliferative and senescent pattern of adult goat ventricular muscle cells.
11. Clearance of senescent cells in those mice didn't reverse the decline that had already occurred but prevented further deterioration.
12. Senescent cells make up only a small portion of cells -- some 5% or less -- in the tissue of elderly people, but their effects can be widespread, the researchers said.
13. The senescent chondrocytes were distributed in the central zone where apoptotic morphological characteristics obviously appeared, such as pyknosis, karyorrhexis.
14. Objective To explore the the relationship between senescent erythrocyte deformability and lipid composition, spectrin content(SP) of erythrocyte membrane.
15. When cells become senescent, they produce harmful compounds such as those that cause inflammation.
16. His brief was to convey coal as a developing rather than a senescent industry.
17. I stopped walking and stared wide-eyed as the rest of the senescent strollers proceeded out of this dimension.
18. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., found for the first time that by using a drug to target and kill senescent cells, they could essentially freeze some aspects of the aging process.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. The results suggested that ILK might be involved in fibrotic process or senescent process in aging kidney.
20. But he cautions that further research is needed to understand the effects of removing senescent cells.
21. Then, when the researchers gave the mice a drug, the death pathway would be activated in all senescent cells.
22. Vicia sativa root nodule is usually rod-shaped, it is mainly composed of many cortex cells and a very large central zone which contains meristem, infected tissue and senescent tissue.
23. "Our method allowed us to look at the consequences of removing senescent cells at different stages of the mouse life cycle, " van Deursen says. "We didn't just block senescence altogether."
24. The story starts with an observation, made a few years ago, that senescent cells often produce a molecule called P16INK4A.
25. Van Deursen and colleagues developed a way to kill senescent cells in mice, clearing them from the body.
26. As the RBC ages it may change antigenically, acquiring senescent antigens and losing its flexibility due to impaired ATP production.
27. A cell that's no longer dividing is known as senescent; it continues to live but no longer functions as it once did.
28. The key, they report in a tantalizing new study, is purging the body of senescent cells - old "zombie" cells that no longer work as they should.
29. In elderly humans, at least 5% of the total cells in the body are thought to be senescent. The cells accumulate in places particularly affected by aging—the eyes and muscles, for example.
30. The scientists started by genetically engineering mice to have a specific molecule in their senescent cells.
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