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Fret in a sentence

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Synonym: fussworrySimilar words: freefree offreelyFrenchfreezefreightfrequentset freeMeaning: [fret]  n. 1. agitation resulting from active worry 2. a spot that has been worn away by abrasion or erosion 3. an ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief) 4. a small bar of metal across the fingerboard of a musical instrument; when the string is stopped by a finger at the metal bar it will produce a note of the desired pitch. v. 1. worry unnecessarily or excessively 2. be agitated or irritated 3. provide (a musical instrument) with frets 4. become or make sore by or as if by rubbing 5. cause annoyance in 6. gnaw into; make resentful or angry 7. carve a pattern into 8. decorate with an interlaced design 9. be too tight; rub or press 10. cause friction 11. remove soil or rock 12. wear away or erode. 
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1. Don't fret - I'm sure he's OK.
2. Doubts began to fret his mind.
3. Don't fret; everything will be all right.
4. Don't fret, we'll get there on time.
5. Don't fret, Mary. This is all some crazy mistake.
6. I see him chafe and fret at every pore.
7. Don't let sorrow fret away your courage.
8. Don't fret, all will be well.
9. Babies often fret when their mothers are not near.
10. Her baby starts to fret as soon as she goes out of the room.
11. But congressional staffers fret that the project will eventually cost billions more.
12. But we need not fret over the details.
13. And don't fret about your brother, neither.
14. Few in the finance ministry will fret about this.
15. For those of us who fret about ways in which modern technology distances us from understanding this programme was a revelation.
16. Opponents fret that the system might not provide enough help in times of rural economic crisis.
17. But don't fret, you shall have a puppy all in good time.
18. I wondered how much he would fret if he didn't see me among the passengers, and I hoped not much.
19. Others fret that the system might not provide enough help in times of rural economic crisis.
20. I did not fret about the delay, because by now I had absolute confidence in the men I was working with.
21. The guitar has a mother-of-pearl inlay on its fret board.
22. It iz the little bits ov things that fret and worry us; we kan dodge an elefunt but we kan't a fli. Josh Billings 
23. Don't fret if you are a newbie at hosting.
24. I fret about nothing on earth except papa's illness.
25. You had better not fret about your mistakes.
26. Don't fret[sentencedict .com], they can'tprove him guity!
27. Blanche had been doomed to fight for her promotion, watch her weight, and fret over her childlessness.
28. Long-term debts of around £150,000 continue to finger the back of the club's neck as unpleasantly as a north-eastern sea fret.
29. The neck has been bound quite well, although the fret end-filing has left a few untidy marks along the way.
30. Much to his horror he was swept off his fret and sent flying through the corridors by a roomful of water.
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