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Deliberately in a sentence

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Synonym: advisedlyby choiceby designdesignedlyintentionallymeasuredlyon purposepurposelySimilar words: desperatelyliberalaccuratelydelicatelatelyprivatelyfortunatelyultimatelyMeaning: [dɪˈlɪbərətli]  adv. 1. with intention; in an intentional manner 2. in a deliberate unhurried manner. 
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1. Deliberately making people suffer is immoral.
2. Her statement was deliberately misleading.
3. She has been deliberately left off the guest list.
4. They have deliberately locked us out.
5. He doesn't really mean that—he's just being deliberately provocative.
6. She was accused of deliberately misleading Parliament.
7. They were deliberately misinformed about their rights.
8. He has deliberately deceived us.
9. Saunders is deliberately telling a falsehood.
10. He deliberately dressed down for the party.
11. They deliberately shifted off the argument.
12. He was deliberately trying to upset her.
13. The photos were deliberately taken to discredit the President.
14. Are you deliberately trying to hurt me?
15. She deliberately misinterpreted the question.
16. She deliberately ignored my question and changed the subject.
17. A man is deliberately designed to be mortal. He grows, he ages,[] and he dies.
18. I know you think I did it deliberately, but I assure you I did not.
19. She deliberately stayed behind after work to go with me.
20. The acrobat deliberately faulted the performance once to make it look difficult.
21. She lifted her chin in a gesture that deliberately exposed the line of her throat.
22. His words to the press were deliberately equivocal - he didn't deny the reports but neither did he confirm them.
23. When someone deliberately inflicts damage, it is a matter for the police.
24. Her promise was deliberately misquoted by her opponents, who then used it against her.
25. They are deliberately flouting the law in order to obtain an advantage over their competitors.
26. She accused her opponents of deliberately misrepresenting her as an extremist.
27. You're deliberately unconventional. Even your choice of clothes is a statement of your non-conformity.
28. I can quote you several instances of her being deliberately rude.
29. All trace of his working - class background was deliberately obscured.
30. Do you really mean that or are you just being deliberately perverse?
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