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Assumption in a sentence

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Antonym: conclusionSimilar words: consumptionbumptioussumptuousassumeoptionadoptionsummationreceptionMeaning: [ə'sʌmpʃn]  n. 1. a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn 2. a hypothesis that is taken for granted 3. the act of taking possession of or power over something 4. celebration in the Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's being taken up into heaven when her earthly life ended; corresponds to the Dormition in the Eastern Orthodox church 5. audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to 6. (Christianity) the taking up of the body and soul of the Virgin Mary when her earthly life had ended 7. the act of assuming or taking for granted. 
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1. It is very likely that your assumption is wrong.
2. His actions were based on a false assumption.
3. We are working on the assumption that everyone invited will turn up.
4. The most frightening assumption in this world is that most people assume you are intelligent.
5. Dr Subroto questioned the scientific assumption on which the global warming theory is based.
6. I work on the assumption that people are rational beings.
7. A lot of people make the assumption that poverty only exists in the Third World.
8. Implicit in his speech was the assumption that they were guilty.
9. This is an invalid assumption.
10. I would question the validity of that assumption.
11. The whole argument rests on a false assumption.
12. We mistook assumption that the price would fall.
13. Their assumption of an air of confidence fooled nobody.
14. Your assumption is wrong.
15. There is an assumption that a state will protect its citizens. That is the very reason for the existence of states.
16. There is an underlying assumption that younger workers are easier to train.
17. The assumption that growth in one country benefits the whole world is highly dubious .
18. We are working on the assumption that the techniques are safe.
19. We are working on the assumption that it was a gas explosion.
20. We are working on the assumption that the rate of inflation will not increase next year.
21. The underlying assumption is that the amount of money available is limited.
22. The sales forecast is predicated on the assumption that the economy will grow by four per cent this year.
23. We're working on the assumption that the conference will take place in Canada[], as planned.
24. The revolutionaries' assumption of power took the army by surprise.
25. Traditional economic analysis is premised on the assumption that more is better.
26. My calculations were based on the assumption that house prices would remain steady.
27. There's an unspoken assumption in the department that Sue will take over the post when Ian leaves.
28. These calculations are based on the assumption that prices will continue to rise.
29. The company's expansion was predicated on the assumption that sales would rise.
30. I set the table for eight people( ), on the assumption that Jo would come.
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