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Declarative in a sentence

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Similar words: declaration of independencedecorativedeclaredeclaredcomparativelyexhilarationlucrativenarrativeMeaning: [dɪ'klærətɪv]  n. a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact. adj. 1. relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration 2. relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple declarative statements. 
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1. That leaves open the possibility, however, that some declarative sentences or statements are not factual and express something other than beliefs.
2. His sentences were like that: short, declarative, final somehow.
3. Parsing Algorithm A grammar is simply a declarative statement of what forms a valid sentence.
4. Justification is, as I have said[], a declarative doctrine that we are sons and daughters of a heavenly Father.
5. Declarative languages are less about issuing commands and more about stating (or declaring) the desired output.
6. Bill Venners: Differentiate between declarative and imperative languages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?
7. Usually for a declarative sentence: the subject (S) precedes the predicate and the verb (V) precedes the object (O); the modifier (attributive and adverbial) precedes the central words.
8. The exclamatory form emphasizes a statement ( either declarative or imperative ) with an exclamation point (! ).
9. Right. What in the world is declarative knowledge?
10. This paper mainly discusses the function of declarative knowledge in English reading ability.
11. Different from declarative memory, procedural memory is a storage of procedures and skills that cannot be easily verbalized such as riding a bike and swimming.
12. XAML is a declarative XML - based language that defines objects and their properties in XML.
13. The study of complex declarative knowledge is still in its infancy so that few researchers discuss the process of complex declarative knowledge learning.
14. Knowledge into two categories , including declarative and procedural knowledge, according to contemporary learning theory of information processing.
15. Remember that OpenLaszlo uses LZX as its declarative markup language, which also follows the same basic principles as any well-formed XML.
16. In mood analysis, most clauses are of declarative mood since fairy tales always tell the information of the stories directly to readers.
17. The system's linguistic knowledge is expressed by means of declarative rules and lexical entries.
18. Technically the task of the programme designer is made easier by the use of training skills and declarative programming languages.
19. We went around the room to get them to say a declarative sentence.
20. Starting with setting forth the theories of conceptual change, it elucidates that declarative knowledge supports conceptual change.
21. Teachers' personal knowledge used in the educational process is a combination of declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge, namely schema.
22. The constraint on "le1" in imperative and interrogative sentence is different to some degree from the declarative sentence?
23. This paper presents a visual object query language, a graph-based query language that supports diagrambased declarative query specification methods for object-oriented database management systems.
24. Seam cleverly uses bijection to allow data to flow in and out of each page of a "Web conversation" in a new, declarative manner.
25. BUKAVU, Congo — Honorata Kizende looked out at the audience and began with a simple, declarative sentence. "There was no dinner, ' she said."
26. The concept of the custom binding provider is introduced here to define a declarative model that can be used to plug in a set of custom binders to either emitter tools or a run time system.
27. The knowledge system explores the composition of narrative knowledge, declarative knowledge and strategic knowledge.
28. This is a different problem to solve than that of the line graph, where all the data points are an equal distance apart and therefore can be easily positioned using a declarative formula.
29. Lyons, "A proposition is what is expressed by a declarative sentence when that sentence is uttered to make a statement."
30. The API itself is usually invisible to programmers, as the scope of transactions is delineated by declarative data found in deployment descriptors.
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