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Secure in a sentence

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Sentence count:181+21 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-10-31Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: acquireattachclosefastenfirmfixgetlockobtainsafesealshutsoundstablesureAntonym: anxiousSimilar words: securitysecularpersecuterecurrentprosecutorconsecutiveprosecutionsec.Meaning: [sɪ'kjʊr /-'kjʊə]  v. 1. get by special effort 2. cause to be firmly attached 3. assure payment of 4. make certain of 5. fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug 6. furnish with battens. adj. 1. free from fear or doubt; easy in mind 2. free from danger or risk 3. kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss 4. not likely to fail or give way 5. able to withstand attack 6. financially sound. 
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1 A guilty conscience never feels secure
2 No government can be long secure without a formidable opposition. 
3 Our objective must be to secure a peace settlement.
4 Tie the two ropes together with a secure knot.
5 It's important to keep your documents secure.
6 There are no secure jobs these days.
7 Federal leaders continued their efforts to secure a ceasefire.
8 You have made me feel secure.
9 That is a secure foothold.
10 Always lock your bicycle to something secure.
11 He found a secure foothold and pulled himself up.
12 Her place in the history books is secure.
13 I don't feel secure when I am alone in the house.
14 This is an excellent port being secure from every wind.
15 Over a tenth of the population have secure,( undemanding jobs.
16 There is no magic wand to secure a just peace.
17 Extra men are needed to secure the camp against attack.
18 May all beings be happy and secure ; may their mind be contented!
19 UN troops will secure the land corridor so that food supplies can reach the trapped civilians.
20 Britain is intensifying its efforts to secure the release of the hostages.
21 She finished the match,[] secure in the knowledge that she was through to the next round.
22 Secure the two pieces together with a couple of stitches.
23 They secure their degrees by slogging through an intensive 11-month course.
24 He who in adversity would have succor, let him be generous while he rests secure
25 Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal, there is no secure direction ; without direction, there is no life. 
26 Very close and trusted friends share confidences candidly. They feel secure that they will not be ridiculed of derided,and their confidences will be honored. 
27 Firmly compress the soil in the pot so that the plant is secure.
28 Pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, secure environment.
29 Car manufacturers ought to produce vehicles which are more secure against theft.
30 I pulled on the rope to see if it was secure.
More similar words: securitysecularpersecuterecurrentprosecutorconsecutiveprosecutionsec.incurexecutesectorsecondinsectoccurcuriocurvemoleculesectionspeculateexecutionexecutivein secretcuriouscurtaincurrentsecretarysecondaryaccuracyaccuratecurrency
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