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Saturn in a sentence

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Sentence count:155Posted:2017-02-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: saturnineturnmaturenatureturn onfeaturenaturalturn upMeaning: ['sætən]  n. 1. a giant planet that is surrounded by three planar concentric rings of ice particles; the 6th planet from the sun 2. (Roman mythology) god of agriculture and vegetation; counterpart of Greek Cronus. 
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1. Astronomers used to ask why only Saturn has rings.
2. Saturn has several moons.
3. Saturn is the slowest mover of all the planets.
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4. Venus and Saturn are best seen before sunrise.
5. Joe came off the bed like a Saturn launcher.
6. Saturn is the planet with rings around it.
7. Saturn and Venus are most closely paired after sunset Jan. 31.
8. Titan 2, Saturn 5 and Cher's water bed. Heat shields?
9. But Saturn came to the country, a homeless exile fleeing from his son Jupiter.
10. The first hour of Saturday was ruled by Saturn, and similarly the eighth, fifteenth, and twenty-second hours.
11. Had they already reached Saturn, carried out their survey, and gone into hibernation?
12. The refunds will cost Saturn about $ 7 million, said Joe Kennedy, vice president of sales, service and marketing.
13. Mars and Saturn could now be gazed upon in any nineteenth-century drawing-room.
14. On March 20 and October 9, Saturn and Pluto cross swords for the first time in two decades.
15. Saturn is a poor third,( and Jupiter is dead last.
16. In the specific case of the Saturn V, the three stages performed as detailed in the table below.
17. The massive gravity wells of Jupiter and Saturn make them very unattractive sources of materials.
18. The fully fuelled Saturn V sitting on the launch pad had a total mass some 56 times that of the Apollo spacecraft.
19. As Discovery curved still closer toward Saturn, the Sun slowly descended toward the multiple arches of the rings.
20. A Saturn V sits on its mobile launcher at complex 39A.
21. A Saturn V booster rocket lifted a three-man crew and their equipment from the surface of Earth.
22. The planets of our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
23. The spacecraft will fly through the innermost rings of Saturn.
24. They were free from all boredom and all responsibility; until they reached Saturn, the external world did not exist.
25. The new Nintendo system uses a 64-bit processor, while the Saturn and Playstation are 32-bit systems.
26. The station was launched on 14 May 1973 using the first two stages of a redundant Saturn V left over from Apollo.
27. The report contained some interesting facts and figures about the Saturn Corporation.
28. The computer will chart the spacecraft's progress as it approaches Saturn.
29. In this respect particular attention has been paid to the giant gas planets like Jupiter and Saturn.
30. The Toyota Paseo competes against such cars as the Honda CRX and the Saturn SL.
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