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Conservative in a sentence

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Synonym: cautiousprotectiveprogressiveSimilar words: conservationobservationreservationconsecutiveinnovativeat intervalsconsentconsensusMeaning: [-tɪv] n. a person who has conservative ideas or opinions. adj. 1. resistant to change 2. opposed to liberal reforms 3. avoiding excess 4. unimaginatively conventional 5. conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class. 
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(1) The conservative old guard had re-established its political supremacy.
(2) His views lack consistency: one day he's a conservative, the next he's a liberal.
(3) I'm canvassing for the Conservative Party.
(4) Most Conservative MPs appear happy with the government's reassurances.
(5) A conservative estimate puts annual sales at around $100 million.
(6) The professor's a radical in politics but a conservative dresser.
(7) Mr Williams is a conservative who advocates fewer government controls on business.
(8) Old people are usually more conservative than young people.
(9) He's very conservative in his attitude to women.
(10) He's a Conservative to the core.
(11) Older people tend to be quite conservative and a bit suspicious of any supposed advances.
(12) She takes a basically conservative view of society.
(13) At a conservative estimate, the holiday will cost about £1500.
(14) Aunt Mary's a real conservative.She's totally opposed to women going out to work.
(15) The newspaper has a clear bias towards the Conservative Party.
(16) He probably erred on the conservative rather than the generous side.
(17) She is conservative in the way she dresses.
(18) The Conservative party was in opposition for the first time in years.
(19) At a conservative estimate, he'll be earning £40 000.
(20) Two Conservative MPs have gone over to the Liberal Democrats.
(21) The opposition Conservative Party put a different interpretation on the figures.
(22) Her style of dress was never conservative.
(23) The Conservative Party is now in opposition.
(24) The speech was interrupted by members of the Conservative Party, who called him a traitor.
(25) Politically, they belonged to the conservative party and opposed reform.
(26) The researchers made a conservative guess at the population of Tokyo.
(27) Even at a conservative estimate, there is a lot of work to be done.
(28) Margaret Thatcher was deposed as leader of the British Conservative Party in 1991.
(29) A more plausible explanation would seem to be that people are fed up with the Conservative government.
(30) At least 5 000 people were killed, and that's a conservative estimate .
More similar words: conservationobservationreservationconsecutiveinnovativeat intervalsconsentconsensusnativeconsequencein consequenceconsequentlyrelativenarrativeinitiativerelativelycooperativealternativelegislativeadministrativerepresentativeconsiderationintervalserveobserveserve asservingservicereservemotivate
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