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Firmness in a sentence

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Sentence count:78Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: firmness of purposeresolutenessresolutionresolvesoundnesssteadinessSimilar words: amnestyfirmfirm upfirmlyfirmerconfirminfirmityconfirmedMeaning: ['fɜrmnɪs /'fɜːm-]  n. 1. the muscle tone of healthy tissue 2. the trait of being resolute 3. the property of being unyielding to the touch 4. the quality of being steady or securely and immovably fixed in place. 
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1. Love asks faith, and faith firmness
2. Love asks faith, and faith asks firmness
3. The bed's firmness suited him.
4. The firmness of his handshake reassured me.
5. Your recalcitrance obliges firmness on my part.
6. The new teacher has a reputation for firmness and is unlikely to tolerate misbehaviour.
7. It's a case of finding the mean between firmness and compassion.
8. Wilson refused their offer with immovable firmness.
9. This situation needs to be handled with firmness yet encouragement.
10. It gives stamina and firmness of purpose by conserving vital energy.
11. Firmness, she thought, was the only way to deal with the officious little man.
12. Gradually they become more pronounced, as firmness and flexibility is lost.
13. Lacking firmness of will, character, or purpose ; irresolute.
14. Your recalcitrance obliges firmness on me.
15. What'simpressed me has been his considerable firmness of purpose.
16. He expressed his thoughts with customary firmness and logic.
17. To deprive of fortitude, strength,[sentence dictionary] or firmness of purpose.
18. His firmness on his belief supported him in difficulties.
19. High firmness: with high shock and impact resistance.
20. The trait of resoluteness as firmness of character or purpose .
21. Again, we turn to the past f firmness, but no belligerence, and by no belligerence.
22. If it is cut crosswise, across the bias of the cloth, which gives fluidity and firmness it will hang straight.
23. Foie gras is graded by the size, color, and firmness of the liver.
24. It is not possible to reconstruct a detailed history of Ine's reign but the indications are that he ruled with firmness.
25. These priorities are also reflected in the prescriptions for teacher education laid down with an increasing degree of firmness from the centre.
26. He approached his task, as Austen Chamberlain noted, with a new firmness and confidence.
27. They imitated the coolness and courage of their predecessors, going forward with the utmost alacrity and firmness.
28. Behind him the door of the house whose occupant he had just been interviewing had been dosed with considerable firmness.
29. There were many tracks all going the same way, each searching for a firmness absent from the rest.
30. The Tang Dynasty mothers were filled with intelligence, competence and firmness and abundant in wisdom, thoughtfulness , rigorousness and love.
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