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Detached in a sentence

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Sentence count:238+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-13Updated:2017-02-13
Antonym: selfishSimilar words: semidetacheddetachmentattachedpoachedbroacheddetaindetailattachMeaning: [-tʃt]  adj. 1. showing lack of emotional involvement 2. being or feeling set or kept apart from others 3. no longer connected or joined 4. used of buildings; standing apart from others 5. not fixed in position. 
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1. I have detached the watch from the chain.
2. Try to take a more detached view .
3. He felt curiously detached from what was going on.
4. They detached their trailer and set up camp.
5. The coupon is not valid if detached.
6. One of the panels had become detached from the main structure.
7. He seemed detached, almost bored, but perfectly friendly.
8. A figure in white detached itself from the shadows.
9. He detached himself from the world.
10. He detached the hood from the jacket.
11. A plane was detached to search for survivors.
12. The label became detached from your parcel.
13. She detached herself from his embrace.
14. She detached herself from her prejudices.
15. She tries to remain emotionally detached from her patients.
16. He seemed aloof and detached.
17. He appeared totally detached from the horrific nature of his crimes.
18. There was an accident when the towrope detached from the car.
19. A number of men were detached to guard the right flank.
20. He tries to remain emotionally detached from the prisoners, but fails.
21. Five destroyers were detached to carry out a bombardment of the port.
22. She seemed a bit detached, as if her mind were on other things.
23. The general detached a large force to surround the airport.
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24. The general detached a small force to go and guard the palace.
25. Cooley does not become defensive and detached.
26. They are bigger, richer, greedier, more detached now.
27. This rather undermines his credibility as a detached observer.
28. She described what had happened in a cold and detached manner.
29. Through all the arguments among other committee members, she kept a detached attitude.
30. Throughout the novel, the story is seen through the eyes of a detached observer.
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