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Convoluted in a sentence

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Synonym: ByzantineinvolvedknottytangledtortuousSimilar words: evolutiondevolutionrevolutionaryconvoyinvolveinvolvedresolutionvolumeMeaning: ['kɑnvəluːtɪd /'kɒn-]  adj. 1. rolled or coiled together 2. highly complex or intricate. 
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(1) His grammar explanations are terribly convoluted.
(2) The argument is rather convoluted.
(3) Her book is full of long convoluted sentences.
(4) The story is convoluted and opaque, often to the point of total obscurity.
(5) Despite its length and convoluted plot, "Asta's Book" is a rich and rewarding read.
(6) The loan approval process is very convoluted.
(7) What is the convoluted chain of command?
(8) Flattening out the convoluted surface of the brain requires more compromises than that.
(9) Pity that this convoluted attitude towards violence doesn't prevail in all Slavic societies today.
(10) It began to appear more convoluted, interlocking chain mail ... some sort of suit.
(11) These convoluted explanations fail to identify the real lure of Niagara that it was accessible and comfortable.
(12) This extraordinary and highly convoluted story has aroused interest in many quarters from time to time.
(13) He always uses a lot of convoluted arguments to support his theories, but no one's ever impressed.
(14) Judgments frequently consist of long paragraphs and convoluted sentences replete with subordinate clauses.
(15) James's books are full of long paragraphs and convoluted sentences[], which many people do not find appealing.
(16) Between moves 9 and 13, he adopted a convoluted plan that seemed only to tangle his own pieces.
(17) The convoluted tale grows thin long before it comes to rest.
(18) They help take the guesswork out of tax law by translating convoluted jargon into plain-folks language.
(19) Then he would think of the undertaker forcing that convoluted form into a cheap coffin and the lid being screwed on.
(20) Factors like this made the leasing process a protracted and convoluted business in which potential tenants came and went.
(21) This was a small creek forming a marina, just along the convoluted coastline from Valletta.
(22) But characters will be much more present, be seen in much greater, convoluted depth even than in the detective novel.
(23) Legal writing is frequently criticised for being unclear, verbose, convoluted and incomprehensible.
(24) Another problem is that the chains in polyacetylene are not neatly ordered, but convoluted and higgledy-piggledy.
(25) I replied, wondering whether I should even try to embark upon the convoluted saga of Dad and his assumed name.
(26) It is now established that insulin has an antinatriuretic action resulting in increased sodium reabsorption probably from the proximal convoluted tubules.
(27) Unfortunately to get there I had to negotiate an amazingly convoluted one-way system.
(28) It must be preferable that the original action proceed rather than being convoluted into a negligence action.
(29) Injecting drug use is specified as a risk, and there is a convoluted but discernible reference to prostitution.
(30) He who eats the nut must first crack the shell Jeremy Cherfas Walnuts come in hard and convoluted shells.
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