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Tag in a sentence

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Sentence count:155+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: brandcalldesignatefollowheellabelnamepursueshadowtrailSimilar words: a stagecottageheritagehostageshortageadvantagepercentageantagonistMeaning: [tæg]  n. 1. a label made of cardboard or plastic or metal 2. a small piece of cloth or paper 3. a game in which one child chases the others; the one who is caught becomes the next chaser 4. (sports) the act of touching a player in a game (which changes their status in the game). v. 1. attach a tag or label to 2. touch a player while he is holding the ball 3. provide with a name or nickname 4. go after with the intent to catch 5. supply (blank verse or prose) with rhymes. 
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1. She peered at the tag to read the price.
2. A tag was attached to each article.
3. Tag the bottles now or we'll forget which is which.
4. I let him tag along because he had not been too well recently.
5. The baby had a plastic name tag on its ankle.
6. She seems quite happy to tag along with them.
7. His speed earned him the tag of 'the runner'.
8. Tag on a couple of paragraphs about recent events.
9. You should tag a moral to the story.
10. The 'lucky' tag stuck for years.
11. One may tag this book traditional.
12. He pinned the name tag on his jacket.
13. Despite a price tag of £100 000, the car was sold in two days.
14. Do you mind if I tag along with you tonight?
15. It's difficult to put a price tag on such a project .
16. This designer suit carries a price tag of £2 000.
17. In Britain, jazz is losing its elitist tag and gaining a much broader audience.
18. He decided to tag on an extra paragraph at the end summarizing what he'd said.
19. Don't forget to tag your suitcases with your name and address.
20. Tag the bottles now!
21. He planned to tag old articles together to make a book.
22. Ballpark estimates indicate a price tag of $90 million a month.
23. The price tag says $100 and you charged me for $120; how do you explain the discrepancy?
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. There is a £2 million price tag on the team's star player.
25. They are finally ready to drop the tag 'the new Beatles'.
26. The price - tag on the new fighter plane was too high for the government.
27. How much is it? - I can't find the price tag.
28. I've no idea how much the clothes cost because there was nothing so vulgar as a price tag in evidence.
29. The president made several jokes in an attempt to shake off his "humourless" tag.
30. I got a shock when I looked at the price tag.
More similar words: a stagecottageheritagehostageshortageadvantagepercentageantagonistat this stagefight againsttake advantage of
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