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Circumstantial in a sentence

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Similar words: circumstancecircumspectsubstantialsubstantiallyinsubstantialcircumlocutiontangentialcircuitMeaning: [‚sɜːkəm'stænʃl]  adj. fully detailed and specific about particulars. 
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1. The case against McCarthy is based largely on circumstantial evidence.
2. He had compiled a file of largely circumstantial evidence.
3. The case against him was largely circumstantial.
4. There is only circumstantial evidence against her, so she is unlikely to be convicted.
5. The book includes a long and circumstantial account of Empson's conversation with the Queen.
6. The case against her was circumstantial.
7. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence but they still needed a clincher, something cast iron that would carry a conviction.
8. The evidence against him was purely circumstantial.
9. Their problems were circumstantial rather than personal.
10. There was a mass of circumstantial evidence linking Watson to the murder.
11. The case against my client rests entirely on circumstantial evidence.
12. Circumstantial evidence suggests that this animal is a significant problem for water voles.
13. They also provide circumstantial evidence for a close relationship between mind and brain.
14. The case against Coleman was largely circumstantial, supported by some inconclusive forensic evidence.
15. There is strong circumstantial evidence for this.
16. Some one who could put the circumstantial jigsaw puzzle together.
17. In summary, our results provide circumstantial support for the hypothesized link between solar cycle length and irradiance.
18. And it is usually critical in a circumstantial case.
19. There was circumstantial evidence a plenty to support the Shijingshan theory.
20. Circumstantial evidence, I know, but evidence that strongly suggests that the engineer was clobbered by a heavy metallic instrument.
21. Again, we come across tantalising circumstantial evidence, with the aid of standardised tests.
22. This is only circumstantial evidence for a link between food sensitivity and colic, of course, but it is of interest.
23. Fast work by the police in Birmingham had started producing circumstantial evidence.
24. You can't convict a man of a crime on circumstantial evidence alone.
25. The evidence for the so-called atomic theory has been very much circumstantial.
26. In 1994, Raddad was jailed for 18 years for Marchal's murder on the basis of circumstantial evidence.
27. According to her, Rick Lawrence is caught in a web of circumstantial evidence.
28. Nevertheless calls for a congressional inquiry into the October Surprise allegations increased throughout the month as further circumstantial evidence was uncovered.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support this explanation, apart from some rather dubious circumstantial evidence.
30. A shadow of a smile creased her mouth; but it was circumstantial, not genuine.
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