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Fastidious in a sentence

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Synonym: choosycriticalparticularselectiveSimilar words: insidiousprestidigitationodioustediousstudiousmelodiouscompendiousincommodiousMeaning: [fæs'tɪdɪəs]  adj. 1. giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness 2. having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures. 
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1, He was fastidious about his appearance.
2, He is very fastidious about how a suitcase should be packed.
3, Everything was planned in fastidious detail.
4, She wasn't very fastidious about personal hygiene.
5, He was fastidious in his preparation for the big day.
6, Be particularly fastidious about washing your hands before touching food.
7, They were too fastidious to eat in a fast-food restaurant.
8, She is so fastidious about her food that I never invite her for dinner.
9, And second, the boy was fastidious with his toy.
10, That he satisfied so impatient and fastidious a monarch for so long says much for his efficiency and sensitivity.
11, He was fastidious about his hair, which he grew long and lacquered in place over a balding pate.
12, Such questions are distasteful for a fastidious cleric who thinks of sexuality as a loss of self-control.
13, Archie may not have been fastidious,( but in his own way he was cultivated.
14, But: less fastidious ministers in future may draw the corporatist moral.
15, It advertised a character of fastidious and correct nature, some one whose collars would be uncomfortably starched.
16, Alvin was fastidious and even a bit of a prude.
17, A cat is a fastidious animal that washes itself frequently.
18, It stands for a fastidious aesthetic sense of something having turned out wrong in the wide world.
19, But necrotizing fasciitis can strike perfectly healthy, fastidious people as well.
20, Vibrato, like all flavouring,[] needs very fastidious use on brass instruments.
21, He was so fastidious that he invariably wiped his cutlery with eighteen linen napkins before every meal.
22, Was Caringolat aware how the precise and fastidious sequences of the Vibrancy were being corrupted beyond Por Tanssie?
23, Davis, a fastidious master, brought out all its natural sweetness without ever suggesting the saccharine or slipping into the over-sentimental.
24, She is fastidious in [ about ] her dress.
25, He was certainly fastidious and critical.
26, You're too fastidious, and too indolent, and too rich.
27, It is well-balanced and full-nosed yet with a cleanness to tickle the most fastidious palate.
28, It may take patience, but it is important to be fastidious about what sort of home you are prepared to inhabit.
29, When hungry times set in, the scouts become less fastidious and give lengthy dances even for poor food.
30, The boots, the parka, the cap, the new kit: hunters are a fastidious kind.
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