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Balance in a sentence

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Synonym: equalizemeasurescalestabilizesteadyweighAntonym: unbalanceSimilar words: balancedbalance ofglanceparlancesurveillancecancelcancerchanceMeaning: ['bæləns]  n. 1. a state of equilibrium 2. a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity 3. equality between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account 4. harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design) 5. equality of distribution 6. something left after other parts have been taken away 7. the difference between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account 8. (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Libra 9. the seventh sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about September 23 to October 22 10. (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane 11. a weight that balances another weight 12. a wheel that regulates the rate of movement in a machine; especially a wheel oscillating against the hairspring of a timepiece to regulate its beat. v. 1. bring into balance or equilibrium 2. compute credits and debits of an account 3. hold or carry in equilibrium 4. be in equilibrium. 
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1, Riders need a good sense of balance.
2, I lost my balance and fell backwards.
3, This exercise improves your coordination, balance, timing and footwork.
4, He lost his balance and fell to the ground.
5, Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.
6, You must learn to keep your balance in skating.
7, She lost her balance and tumbled backwards.
8, Try to keep a balance between work and relaxation.
9, They strained at the ropes to balance the sails.
10, I lost my balance and fell on my face.
11, Rolls-Royce needed a strong balance sheet.
12, She had trouble keeping her balance.
13, The granny lost her balance and fell.
14, Large dams have harmed Siberia's delicate ecological balance.
15, His wife's death disturbed the balance of his mind.
16, A gust of wind knocked/threw her off balance and she fell.
17, The child couldn't keep his balance on his new bicycle.
18, He lost his balance,( staggered back against the rail and toppled over.
19, The wrong chemical balance can cause severe distortion of the photographic image.
20, She lost her balance and plunged 100 feet to her death.
21, This newspaper maintains a good balance in its presentation of different opinions.
22, Senior managers stipulated work-life balance as their main criterion when choosing jobs.
23, You must balance the good points against the bad points and then make your decision.
24, You must balance the high salary against the long working hours.
25, With children, it is important to achieve the right balance between love and discipline.
26, The sudden movement of the ship knocked them both off balance.
27, The power of the wind is at your command.The balance of power must be preserved.
28, We'd better ask a few men to the party to balance up the numbers.
29, The experience of our side and the youthful determination of the other balance each other out.
30, The teams were evenly matched until two quick goals from Robson tipped the balance in favour of England.
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