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Tolerance in a sentence

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Antonym: intoleranceSimilar words: tolerateentranceinsuranceaccelerateranchrancorbranchveteranMeaning: ['tɑlərəns /'tɒl-]  n. 1. the power or capacity of an organism to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions 2. a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior 3. the act of tolerating something 4. willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others 5. a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits. 
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1. German leaders denounced the attacks and pleaded for tolerance.
2. She had no tolerance for jokes of any kind.
3. Some children have a low tolerance for boredom.
4. I have low alcohol tolerance.
5. They have a policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment.
6. He has a sense of humour plus tolerance and patience.
7. The organization promotes racial tolerance and unity in diversity.
8. It has a tolerance of 0.001 of an inch.
9. He has recently urged more tolerance of sexual promiscuity.
10. Human beings have limited tolerance of noise.
11. Tolerance is an essential ingredient for a happy marriage.
12. Tolerance is one of her many strengths.
13. Tolerance to alcohol decreases with age.
14. There is lowered pain tolerance,[Sentence dictionary] lowered resistance to infection.
15. Margaret regarded her mother's peculiarities with a fond tolerance.
16. Tolerance is one of his strengths.
17. Tolerance is a sign of breeding.
18. The book is essentially an exhortation to religious tolerance.
19. Some people say schools need to teach tolerance of alternative lifestyles.
20. As the addict's tolerance increases, he requires ever larger doses of the drug.
21. My tolerance of heat is considerably greater after having lived in the Far East for a couple of years.
22. Many old people have a very limited tolerance to cold.
23. They were working to a tolerance of 0.0001 of a centimetre.
24. It is true that Islam enjoins tolerance; there's no doubt about that.
25. Howard County has a zero tolerance policy on alcohol use by teenagers.
26. He watched the kids throw water around with amused tolerance.
27. This period in history is not noted for its religious tolerance.
28. The police are exercising a new policy of zero tolerance against motoring offenders.
29. Foreigners must use their power to nudge the country towards greater tolerance.
30. Some members of the party would like to see it develop a greater tolerance of/towards contrary points of view.
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