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King in a sentence

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Synonym: chiefmonarchpotentaterulersovereignAntonym: queensubjectSimilar words: bankingfuckingparkingmilkingkingdomLurkingstrikingbreakingMeaning: [kɪŋ]  n. 1. a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom 2. a competitor who holds a preeminent position 3. a very wealthy or powerful businessman 4. preeminence in a particular category or group or field 5. United States woman tennis player (born in 1943) 6. United States guitar player and singer of the blues (born in 1925) 7. United States charismatic civil rights leader and Baptist minister who campaigned against the segregation of Blacks (1929-1968) 8. a checker that has been moved to the opponent's first row where it is promoted to a piece that is free to move either forward or backward 9. one of the four playing cards in a deck bearing the picture of a king 10. (chess) the weakest but the most important piece. 
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1. What the king wills, that the law wills. 
2. A cat may look at a king
3. Among the blind the one-eyed man is king
4. An owl is the king of the night. 
5. In the kingdom of blind men the one-eyed man is king
6. Everyone is born king, and most people die in exile. 
7. In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king
8. He is the happiest,be he King or peasant, who finds peace in his home. 
9. A King should die standing. Louis XVIII, king of France. 
10. In the kingdom of blind men, the one-eyed is king
11. He abased himself before the king.
12. His life was at the mercy of the king.
13. The King was clothed in a purple gown.
14. Charles remained a close ally of the French king.
15. He refused to bow down before the king.
16. The king banished his wife from his bed.
17. The king escaped disguised as a girl.
18. The king mounted the platform to loud cheers.
19. A king is a ruler.
20. The lion is called the king of beasts.
21. In 1154, Henry II became King of England.
22. The king was deposed by his people.
23. A prince is the son of a king.
24. They were accused of conspiring against the king.
25. George became King at the age of 54.
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26. The king dubbed Tom a knight.
27. The king decorated his official for ability.
28. He swore an oath to support the king.
29. I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of good books to read than a king who did not love reading. 
30. There is something behind the throne greater than the king him-self. 
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