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Bourgeoisie in a sentence

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Antonym: proletariatSimilar words: bourgeoissurgeonurgesurgeburgerurgenturgencysurgeryMeaning: n. the social class between the lower and upper classes. 
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1 Without doubt, the national bourgeoisie tends to vacillate, but we should, nevertheless, make use of its positive side, uniting with it as well as struggling against it.
2 The new bourgeoisie, which was created by the Industrial Revolution, had money to spend and wanted to travel.
3 Marx wrote of the class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.
4 Without doubt , the national bourgeoisie tends to vacillate , but we should , nevertheless, make use of its positive side, uniting with it as well as struggling against ...
5 In other words, the bourgeoisie are a product of the French Revolution.
6 As a scion of the haute bourgeoisie, he wasn't allowed to have higher education.
7 Because if it's written by the bourgeoisie, it hasn't got the authentic whiff - what?
8 These plays were the mouthpiece of the revolutionary bourgeoisie and always reflected their values.
9 Similarly, the silk-wearing bourgeoisie of Granada contrasted with the poor, cotton-clad peasants from the mountains nearby.
10 Within the Alliance interests of local petit bourgeoisie and industrial bourgeoisie converged.
11 An alliance between workers, peasants and petty bourgeoisie necessitates a bureaucratic authoritarian regime. 2.
12 The bourgeoisie became a source of state functionaries as the sale of offices increased to pay for the ever-growing cost of armies.
13 The class enemy, the bourgeoisie and its allies, wielded a vast array of ideological weapons designed to mislead the proletariat.
14 The haute bourgeoisie saw themselves as the arbiters of taste and the artistic heirs of the system of patronage.
15 Secondly, the difference in wealth between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat will increase as the accumulation of capital proceeds.
16 The bourgeoisie class own the means of production, the proletariat do not.
17 The first was a developed bourgeoisie which needed bureaucracy as a weapon against revolutionary movements.
18 Their starting point is bourgeois despotism, which in culture becomes the cultural despotism of the bourgeoisie.
19 Things have changed, as you see, but we haven't joined the ranks of the bourgeoisie exactly.
20 Neutered often against its will, western vanguard art acted as a moral safety valve for the liberal bourgeoisie.
21 What it would put a stop to is the reactionary policy of subordinating the revolutionary vanguard to the national bourgeoisie.
22 Now the whole country is run by a myopic bourgeoisie with a mentality that does not care for the people.
23 But this reduces the distinction between the national and the comprador bourgeoisie to a quite arbitrary judgement on what constitutes national development.
24 The task, in short, was to use bourgeois culture against the bourgeoisie.
25 For it is as a member, and a recorder,( of the new bourgeoisie that Boilly most deserves our attention.
26 It's a characterisation which always remains unshaken by the fact that Flaubert loathed the bourgeoisie.
27 The poor viewed with envy the increasing wealth of the bourgeoisie.
28 They initially thought that competition from powerful foreign interests would encourage the national bourgeoisie to take an anti-imperialist stand.
29 Marxist analyses of the social structure suggest that the political system is dominated by representatives of the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class.
30 I had better go now and pay my respects to the petty bourgeoisie.
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