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Atrophy in a sentence

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Synonym: wastingwasting awaywitheringSimilar words: trophyclaustrophobiaclaustrophobiccatastrophicallyphilosophymatronpatronpatrolMeaning: ['ætrəfɪ]  n. 1. a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse 2. any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use). v. undergo atrophy. 
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1. An ability may atrophy if it is not used.
2. Memory can atrophy through lack of use.
3. The pattern is allowed to atrophy through disuse.
4. Increased basal serum gastrin is related to both atrophy and H pylori infection but not to ageing perse.
5. However, acid secretion in old subjects without atrophy was not different to that in young subjects, irrespective of H pylori status.
6. Using multiple linear regression analysis, gastritis with atrophy was the only factor that had an independent negative effect on acid secretion.
7. In healthy men without atrophy, gastric acid secretion is preserved with ageing and is independent of H pylori status.
8. Subjects with atrophy had significantly higher serum gastrin concentrations than all other subjects and higher than old subjects without atrophy.
9. Atrophy, which is closely related to H pylori infection, is associated with a decline in acid secretion.
10. Gastritis with atrophy and the consequent loss of acid mediated inhibition of gastrin release contributes most to this increase.
11. Increased basal serum gastrin is related to atrophy and to infection with H pylori.
12. Signs include pain, weakness, and rear limb muscle atrophy.
13. What's the difference between atrophy and involution?
14. Conclusions Liver atrophy coused MOD increasingly and SOD decreasingly.
15. Striated muscle cells became degeneration(, swelling and atrophy.
16. Skin atrophy affects cuticular, derma and subcutaneous tissue.
17. Therefore has caused the market absorption capacity continually atrophy.
18. Atrophy in group C alleviated and bacterial translocation rate declined ( 37.5 % ) .
19. The cultural life of the country will sink into atrophy unless more writers and artists emerge.
20. The Figure shows the relation between serum carnitine concentrations and the degree of intestinal atrophy.
21. Not infrequently two or more adjacent cells may become confluent owing to the atrophy of the vein or veins separating them.
22. Paralyzed muscles lost tone and became flaccid; with severe damage they further degenerated through shrinkage and atrophy.
23. Parietal cell and intrinsic factor blocking antibodies were not detected in any subject with atrophy.
24. No correlation was found between the serum carnitine concentration and the degree of intestinal atrophy in active coeliac disease.
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25. The prevalence of active chronic gastritis and subsequent gastric atrophy increases with age.
26. All the volunteers were still cognitively normal at the two-year point, but those with a family history of Alzheimer’s had significantly more brain atrophy than those without a family history.
27. The wall is thin and almost transparent probably due to atrophy of the villi.
28. Objective To evaluate the diagnostic value of SPECT rCBF imaging in examining patients with olivopontocerebellar atrophy(OPCA).
29. Or they may indicate that some common underlying process affects both brain atrophy and cardiorespiratory fitness.
30. Nutrition support of children and adults with a urea cycle disorder, gyrate atrophy of the choroid and retina, or HHH syndrome.
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