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Surreptitious in a sentence

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Synonym: clandestinecloak-and-daggerfurtivehole-and-cornerhugger-muggerhush-hushsecretsneaksneakystealthyundercoverundergroundSimilar words: bumptiousambitiousinceptionperceptionreceptionexceptionconceptionapperceptionMeaning: [‚sʌrep'tɪʃəs]  adj. 1. marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed 2. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods. 
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1. She carried out a surreptitious search of his belongings.
2. He made a surreptitious entrance to the club through the little door in the brick wall.
3. She sneaked a surreptitious glance at her watch.
4. Rory tried to sneak a surreptitious glance at Adam's wristwatch.
5. Solitary, masochistic, surreptitious vice, that's all he understands.
6. He wiped it away with a quick, surreptitious movement.
7. Fortunately, his surreptitious action also turned out to be illegal.
8. Surreptitious observation had been a habit of his since boyhood, practiced first on wildlife and then on women.
9. The result was that we all kept making surreptitious trips to the staff room to refill our plastic beakers.
10. Mr. Needham I know of no surreptitious exercise being carried out by my Department in regard to private taxi firms in Belfast.
11. See her surreptitious one smiling face(, my how queer.
12. Such surreptitious bypassing of Standlely was distasteful.
13. He was surreptitious in his movements.
14. They had several surreptitious conversations.
15. His surreptitious behaviour naturally aroused suspicion.
16. BRIN : But some people do surreptitious things.
17. This can be a surreptitious method of mounting a takeover bid.
18. We always assumed it was nerves, or a surreptitious attempt to glance at their wristwatch.
19. When no one was looking he took a surreptitious puff on his cigarette.
20. I have mastered the art of the surreptitious and covert glance over my shoulder.
21. Mo Kan - cheng and the others exchanged surreptitious glances, but no one said anything.
22. Microdots are another method of surreptitious communication between an agent in the field and his controller.
23. She seemed to be listening to what I was saying, but I couldn't help noticing her surreptitious glances at the clock.
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24. I don't mind you smoking occasionally -- there's no need to be so surreptitious about it!
25. Women in nightdresses peeping out of roadside houses lent a surreptitious air to the first few miles.
26. The back avoids eye contact and confrontation, but it may invite the surreptitious gaze.
27. Any change in the boundaries of authority should be the result of conscious planning, and not surreptitious empire-building.
28. Blake was to be wrapped up in this sooty, surreptitious London nearly all his life.
29. Then a little light came through the uncovered spyhole, a flickering, surreptitious light.
30. It is similar with the crime of making a false capital contribution and surreptitious withdrawing the contributed capital.
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