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Degenerate in a sentence

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Sentence count:107Posted:2016-12-27Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: developevolveSimilar words: generatethe general publicgeneration gapgeneralin generalgeneral ledgergeneral electiongenerousMeaning: [dɪ'dʒenəreɪt]  n. a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior. v. grow worse. adj. unrestrained by convention or morality. 
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1. This degenerate seduced my daughter!
2. Will too much freedom make them degenerate?
3. She has a sort of degenerate beauty.
4. She is not an incompetent but a degenerate.
5. There was widespread dissatisfaction too for the degenerate lifestyle into which many of the clergy had fallen.
6. A degenerate culture of the gun is seen to embrace all the lost young men in the bush, whatever their allegiances.
7. He was labelled a degenerate youth by his teachers, and left the town before he was 16.
8. Nationalism also produced degenerate offshoots and analogies in various forms of racialism.
9. These historic buildings have been allowed to degenerate into slums.
10. These particular degenerate cases will be analysed in more detail in the next section.
11. They were regarded as at best degenerate and self-indulgent, and at worst as vicious.
12. Flames belch from the wreckage, degenerate human beings scrabble for survival, the screen is dark and the aspect brooding.
13. Caligula was degenerate but, by all accounts, did not deign to hide the fact.
14. It seemed the forum might degenerate into an exchange of accusations.
15. To leave a habitat to degenerate and perhaps be destroyed is to injure all its animals, including of course the species concerned.
16. Don't allow your comments to degenerate into a personal attack on the employee.
17. The distant fading signals a run-down age of degenerate belief.
18. The meeting, which seemed about to degenerate into physical violence(, was brought to a precipitous end.
19. The closely packed neutrons form a degenerate gas and, being fermions, they can also exert a degeneracy pressure.
20. Expressionism was at one time considered a degenerate form of art.
21. It is not certain whether benign strictures degenerate into malignancy or whether malignant strictures are carcinomas to start with.
22. Because you are the demons of my life,I volunteered to degenerate.
23. Inactivity can make your joints stiff, and the bones may begin to degenerate.
24. Hence, the set of critical columns will remain the same throughout a sequence of tableaux optimal over degenerate intervals.
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. Neurones in the myenteric plexus were not identified in the colon and were sparse and appeared degenerate in the appendix and ileum.
26. Argument and competition are potentially beneficial and fruitful; both may degenerate into conflict if badly managed.
27. In their absence, Nordlinger implies that conflict regulation will not occur and Lijphart's centrifugal democracy will degenerate into civil war.
28. The ravaging giant of Eirena's territory finds counterparts in other figures depicted as monstrous, cruel, degenerate, and corrupt.
29. But civilized society is not more natural than more degenerate social states.
30. Both sets of inquiries pointed to the existence of a degenerate underclass of the population which formed a residual pool of infection.
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