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Aspiration in a sentence

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Sentence count:157Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ambitionbreathing indreaminhalationinspirationSimilar words: inspirationexasperationspiralconspiracyratificationgratificationoperationrationalMeaning: [‚æspə'reɪʃn]  n. 1. a will to succeed 2. a cherished desire 3. a manner of articulation involving an audible release of breath 4. the act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing. 
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1 She was filled with the aspiration to succeed in life.
2 He has never had any aspiration to earn a lot of money.
3 The aspiration towards some sort of rational understanding of the causal relationship is probably the best we can achieve.
4 New Aspiration, a prospective coalition partner, was already under public pressure against the inclusion of tainted politicians in the line-up.
5 The most useful diagnostic procedure is aspiration and analysis of synovial fluid from an affected joint.
6 We describe two cases of accidental aspiration of a foreign body after use of a metered dose inhaler.
7 This experience of a tight community of shared aspiration is rare in a novelist's lonely life.
8 Remove the medium by aspiration, leaving the bacterial pellet as dry as possible. 3.
9 The universe is animated by an all-pervasive aspiration to a higher state, a greater perfection as embodied in the Prime Mover.
10 It is a triumph of aspiration and worship, salvation and conscience, over the compulsions of the flesh.
11 My greatest aspiration is to work towards a clean healthy environment for all humanity.
12 Discussion Aspiration of a foreign body during use of an inhaler has been infrequently reported since the first report in 1981.
13 Attempts to measure bile salts directly by continuous aspiration have produced conflicting results.
14 Aspiration cytology of the neck mass showed only amorphous, necrotic material.
15 For many, aspiration to higher things through promotion was tied up with the idea of a larger wage-packet.
16 Yet, the aspiration for social cohesion is the unstated aim of much of the republican agenda in New Labour.
17 The gastric juice was collected by gentle manual aspiration during 135 minutes.
18 Surely the role of idealism is as a motivating aspiration and a yardstick.
19 A strange mixture was required then, a blend of aspiration and gentleness.
20 It used to be, says W, that the greatest aspiration of models was to become actors.
21 Concern swung away from programmes designed to reschedule a reduction of service costs, back towards the earlier aspiration of redemption.
22 It was the natural choice for the landed gentry and a symbol of aspiration for wealthy businessmen.
23 In 1949 Lemon and Byrne reported a large series of patients undergoing duodenal aspiration cytology with a test sensitivity of over 70%.
24 However, soon after graduating at Oxford,[] Hunt had achieved a long-held aspiration upon his ordination at Winchester in 1878.
25 Major complications that can occur include calorie loss due to vomiting with resultant growth failure and respiratory disease secondary to aspiration of refluxate.
26 The West could do worse than to base its policy towards the Middle East on that aspiration.
27 As earthbound concrete replaced shimmering glass, so crude functionalism was to supplant soaring aspiration.
28 The search for the seat of divinity in man and nature is only a prelude to the aspiration for transcendence.
29 The civic culture is present in the form of aspiration, and the democratic infrastructure is still far from being attained.
30 It is also the most important measure of political alienation and aspiration.
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