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Proliferation in a sentence

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Sentence count:295Posted:2016-11-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: operationAND operationalliterationexasperationgeneration gapconfederationconsiderationratificationMeaning: [prə‚lɪfə'reɪʃn]  n. 1. growth by the rapid multiplication of parts 2. a rapid increase in number (especially a rapid increase in the number of deadly weapons). 
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(1) Nuclear proliferation has returned to centre stage in international affairs.
(2) The past two years have seen the proliferation of TV channels.
(3) Where will this proliferation of athletics end?
(4) Suddenly nuclear proliferation became a high-priority concern in Washington.
(5) This would enhance efficiency and slow product proliferation.
(6) Smoking triggers off cell proliferation.
(7) Britain has always been strongly opposed to nuclear proliferation.
(8) This indicates that the stimulation of cell proliferation may not be the only factor in ulcer healing by sucralfate.
(9) The proliferation of the colorectal lines was unaffected by histamine.
(10) CsA prevents T-cell proliferation by blocking the calcium-activated pathway leading to interleukin-2 transcription.
(11) We are sick and tired of the proliferation of guns.
(12) The proliferation of these diminutive shows will soon be in inverse proportion to the theatres still open to receive them.
(13) Small businesses were encouraged, which brought a rapid proliferation of small privately-owned restaurants and shops on the city streets.
(14) Neither in Feyerabend's image of theory proliferation nor in Kuhn's paradigm shifts is there any simple model of progress.
(15) Gastrointestinal epithelial cell proliferation is influenced by many hormonal, paracrine, and intraluminal agents.
(16) The proliferation of this literature has so simplified going into our wilderness areas that readers are literally taken by the hand.
(17) The mean proliferation indices within compartments were nearly identical for both assays.
(18) Regional conflicts - along with the proliferation of missiles and nuclear, chemical and biological weapons - present growing dangers.
(19) Proliferating cell nuclear antigen immunohistochemical technique although a promising method of assessing cell proliferation has yet to be fully standardised.
(20) For it is easy to think of other examples where the lexical choice will lead to a further proliferation of senses.
(21) This brings in sanctions against foreign companies found to be contributing to the proliferation of these weapons.
(22) Malignant melanoma of the skin is caused by cancerous proliferation of melanocytes.
(23) It has to harry the government to take a less relaxed view on international nuclear proliferation.
(24) We will in addition work for a global ban on chemical and biological weapons and stronger controls to prevent proliferation of ballistic missiles.
(25) Intracellular and canalicular cholestasis, as well as periportal ductular proliferation always accompanied these cellular changes as the disease progressed.
(26) In the present case the council were concerned with what appeared to be a proliferation of illegal Sunday trading.
(27) Tumours arising within the stomach may be in direct contact with local agents, capable of increasing their proliferation.
(28) Studies on purified rat sciatic nerve Schwann cells have shown that proliferation invitro depends on mitogenic factors.
(29) Discussions of future reactor safety should revolve about two critical issues: nuclear waste disposal and nuclear weapons proliferation.
(30) The chronic response occurs when the initial increase in cell proliferation fails to compensate for the cell loss.
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