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Transcription in a sentence

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Sentence count:168Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: arrangementarrangingrecordingwritten textSimilar words: transcriptinscriptiondescriptionprescriptioncircumscriptiontranscribeconscriptscriptMeaning: [træn'skrɪpʃn]  n. 1. something written, especially copied from one medium to another, as a typewritten version of dictation 2. (genetics) the organic process whereby the DNA sequence in a gene is copied into mRNA; the process whereby a base sequence of messenger RNA is synthesized on a template of complementary DNA 3. a sound or television recording (e.g., from a broadcast to a tape recording) 4. the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music 5. the act of making a record (especially an audio record). 
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1. The full transcription of the interview is attached.
2. The transcription of his speech must be punctuated.
3. Pronunciation is shown by a system of phonetic transcription.
4. This is a phonetic transcription of the conversations that were recorded on tape.
5. Run-on transcription assays of the ble gene.
6. Work at your transcription for four or five minutes.
7. The direction of transcription is shown by large arrows.
8. In vitro transcription activity of N-terminal deletion of RAP74.
9. Hatched areas show potential transcription termination signals.
10. Transcription of the gene in F9 stem cells is low but can be stimulated by treating the cells with retinoic acid.
11. These fractions were shown to stimulate a basal transcription system, reconstituted from highly purified fractions hTFIIIB and hTFIIIC.
12. The first step in genome expression, i.e. transcription, was studied in order to test these hypotheses.
13. The molecules that control transcription are themselves proteins which are coded for by other genes.
13. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
14. The horizontal arrows indicate the transcription start sites as deduced from a primer extension analysis of the corresponding transcripts.
15. Thanks to Sam Wright for the transcription and many thanks for reading.
16. Modulation of transcription by tethered complexes Several major points are evident in comparison of the tethered complexes with the simple platinum compounds.
17. The first step, transcription, is considered by far the most important.
18. Program the drum pattern for practising this transcription and if you have a sequencer, program the chords as well.
19. Metaphor is the dominant structuring mechanism of the novels, stylized transcription of consciousness their fictional mode.
20. CsA prevents T-cell proliferation by blocking the calcium-activated pathway leading to interleukin-2 transcription.
21. The stronger signal observed with the antisense probe indicates transcription.
22. Nasalised vowels are found in the words given in phonetic transcription below.
23. This idea is supported by the potential similarity of two other DNA-binding proteins that regulate transcription during the yeast cell cycle.
24. The result is that today a recording is seldom the transcription of a single musical event.
25. The paired box has recently been established as a DNA-binding element,[] thus Pax genes are likely to encode transcription factors.
26. All POU domain proteins are thought to function as transcription factors.
27. By so doing the players have been able to follow Bach's score without the necessity of transcription or arrangement.
28. The first twenty words used in production and their contexts of use will be identified by phonetic transcription.
29. This smaller activation probably reflects the absence of general transcription factors in the minimal promoter used.
30. These data strongly indicated that both N-terminal 73-205 and C-terminal 356-517 regions are essential for RAP74 to function as a transcription factor.
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