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Branding in a sentence

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Sentence count:84Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: landingendingpendinglendingfindingfundingexpandingunendingMeaning: [brænd]  n. the act of stigmatizing. 
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1. The successful branding and marketing of the new beer has already boosted sales and increased profits.
2. The system using freezing instead of hot branding has been working for 12 years and the firm has now won a Royal Warrant.
3. Was that branding so early and deep that nothing would heal over it?
4. This branding element can be a useful source of revenue, as this space can be sold to advertise local businesses.
5. His hot hands branding her flesh for evermore was the very worst punishment of all.
6. As you say, the hoof branding will not be visible when conditions are muddy.
7. The lack of a widely-used system of branding hampered official efforts to hinder the disposal of stolen animals.
8. Branding the Black Chamber highly illegal, he at once directed that all its State Department funds be cut off.
9. Potential customers for freeze branding could well be put off by seeing this biased statement in a reputable magazine.
10. To do otherwise would have been tantamount to branding yourself an obscene, inhuman monster, an outcast from civilized society.
11. We will provide branding guidelines and look and feel.
12. Johnnie Walker House was created for branding purposes.
13. Labbrand is a Shanghai based naming and branding agency.
14. The branding campaign has gone quite well, so far.
15. Many opposed them on religious grounds, branding them Satanic; others saw them as deeply irrational and unbefitting of a modern military.
16. Along with industrial colony's blooming, the colony branding has become more and more popular both in business and theory circle.
17. Local companies find the sites and build the theme parks, while we will look after the branding.
18. The product can be varied in terms of quality, number of versions, branding, packaging and after-sales service.
19. Advertisers also point out the hypocrisy of barring sponsored programmes when sports coverage is awash with branding.
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20. My flocks of thought have dispersed and become lost for I have not marked them with the branding iron of the images.
21. Every two or three years the family organises a festival for branding the calves and castrating the young bulls.
22. Its brief is longer term and written to include missionary work, promotion and oversight of independent interoperability testing and branding.
23. McKinsey denied it was engaging in a turf war over branding.
24. Doubtless he was quite disappointed when in 1811 the use of the branding iron was discontinued.
25. A storefront sign or a business card are some of the most powerful branding devices around.
26. The horses are freeze-marked instead of the traditional heat branding.
27. In Malaysia, the BGP001 cars are featuring the same Virgin branding as in Melbourne a week ago, while team clothing and driver overalls remain unbranded .
28. These elements serve as a visual mnemonic across all of NPN's branding elements, from logo and packaging to website and athlete sponsorship materials.
29. Having a unique short code can be beneficial for branding, such as the Red Cross's 90999 code, but these are more costly.
30. Consciousness is more than the sum of its parts, however, despite some philosophers branding it as merely an epiphenomenon, the noise that comes from the machinations of the mind.
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