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Surface tension in a sentence

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Sentence count:78Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: surfacetensionextensionhypertensionface to facepensiondimensionsuspensionMeaning: n. a phenomenon at the surface of a liquid caused by intermolecular forces. 
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1. Of course surface tension was an unknown phenomenon.
2. The substances are immiscible, and the surface tension between them draws the oil into the thinnest possible film upon the surface.
3. Excess water lowers the surface tension and makes the clay soft and weak.
4. The goal is to create a firm surface tension that allows the bread to rise without spreading out sideways.
5. This reduces surface tension allowing a better oxygen mixture therefore making the fuel easier to burn.
6. As they form under the forces of surface tension, they drag the silk into little bundles within them.
7. Science finds that a surface tension on the water can draw the boats together, like toy boats in a bathtub.
8. Dilata corona for film surface tension.
9. Sometimes use conditioning agents to improve screen surface tension.
10. Accommodate surface tension and stable alveolar pressure.
11. The water - solubility , emulsifying ability, surface tension, critical micelle concentration ( CMC ) of phosphate were determined.
12. The experimental method is the preliminary application for surface tension detection of weld pool.
13. Aluminum composite special adhesive surface tension low surface aluminized layer coated spreading effect superior general binder.
14. Surface tension is one of the basic physicochemical properties of liquids.
15. The chemicals are designed to reduce the surface tension of the remaining oil and to push it toward a producing well.
16. The surface tension of the desulfurizer solution and its desulfuring mechanism were researched.
17. Interfacial tension is the surface tension at the interface between two liquids.
18. Surface tension is one of the important control parameters of the ceramic squeegee oil.
19. From watching raindrops,(Sentencedict) bubbles and insects walking on ponds it is obvious that water and other liquids have a surface tension.
20. Similarly an insect walking on the surface of a pond would have gravity counteracted by the surface tension of the water.
21. The cup was so full, the coffee bulged with surface tension.
22. The jersey, which was extra small, had shoulder straps that were hanging on by surface tension and willpower.
23. The fluid can penetrate into pores because it has zero surface tension.
24. With increase in morn[], the critical micelle concentration decreases and the critical surface tension increases.
25. Wetter 2Y, with strong wetting power and penetrating power as well emulsification, can reduce the surface tension of water.
26. The results show the surface-active agent used by the experiments can reduce the capillary pressure and the surface tension between gas and liquid obviously.
27. The result of this experiment showed that the critical surface tension needed by rice, wheat and wild cabbage leaves was 36.
28. In the intestine, products of the acids and salts emulsify fat and reduce its surface tension to prepare it for the action of pancreatic and intestinal fat-splitting enzymes.
29. Introduced transition of a new type of welding technique - surface tension transfer.
30. The polyvinylidene fluoride ( PVDF ) resin shows very low critical surface tension, and unique dispersibility.
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