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Subtropical in a sentence

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Similar words: tropicaltropical zonetropical fishtropical cyclonetropicsisentropictopicalmicroscopicallyMeaning: [‚sʌb'trɑpɪkl /-'trɒpɪkl]  adj. of or relating to or characteristic of conditions in the subtropics. 
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1. Subtropical regions are cooler than equatorial regions.
2. The air was perfumed with the scent of subtropical vegetation.
3. Most members of the family are tropical and subtropical plants; only a few penetrate into the temperate zone.
4. Palaeoenvironments were probably subtropical forests, strongly seasonal but most likely evergreen.
5. The epidemiology in subtropical areas is basically similar to that in temperate zones, except that the seasonable timing of events is different.
6. It is distributed in the tropical, subtropical, and temperate zones of the world.
7. They are uncommon in the tropical or subtropical molluscan faunas of the Tertiary.
8. In tropical and subtropical areas, Oe. columbianum and Oe. radiatum, in sheep and cattle respectively, are especially important.
9. Despite the subtropical climate, Mr Jin wore an imitation sharkskin suit and Mr Jiang a nicely cut brown leather jacket.
10. Most aquarium plants come from tropical and subtropical areas, with a few from the warmer parts of the temperate zone.
11. However, in some tropical and subtropical areas, some species are responsible for severe enteritis in calves.
12. Its small size and subtropical climate made me feel like I was trapped in a steam room.
13. The environmental factors which produce arrested larvae in subtropical zones are not yet known.
14. Xishuangbanna has a subtropical climate.
15. The biggest south subtropical botanical garden in China.
16. An area south of the subtropical monsoon climate ocean.
17. The subtropical island has a remarkably rich native flora.
18. Podocarpus neriifolius is an ancient subtropical relict flora species.
19. KUJIRA is now situated northwest of a subtropical ridge.
20. The subtropical rain forest in Hexi, is one of the typical examples of the zonal vegetation which are fit for the environment of the south subtropic in our country, and are relatively stable.
21. The epidemiology of H. contortus is best considered separately depending on whether it occurs in tropical and subtropical or in temperate areas.
22. Ostertagia is especially important in temperate climates and in subtropical regions with winter rainfall.
22. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
23. A number of geomorphic studies have focused on weathering profiles developed on granite under humid tropical and subtropical climates.
24. Earlier developments by geographers which proceeded somewhat independently were located in arid, semi-arid and subtropical areas.
25. Maolan Reserve is the largest maintaining primary forest area in Chinese subtropical limestone mountains.
26. We have made a long-range forecast by using the multi-level recursive forecasting method for the summer characteristic quantities of the Western Pacific subtropical high.
27. Hyundai Heavy Industries for the city of Panzhihua, is located in subtropical climate zones.
28. The stick insect is an insect primarily found in tropical and subtropical areas. It is good at disguising itself as a withered branch or bamboo shoot.
29. About 450 species of this genus and 300 of Lithocarpus in the temperate zone, the subtropical zone and the tropics. Small quantities imported from Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia.
30. The diversity and some biological characteristics, such as rooster and winter hibernation of Chiroptera species in this subtropical and tropical island, were also discussed.
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