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Subtract in a sentence

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Synonym: deductdiscountremovetake awaywithdrawAntonym: addSimilar words: tractattractextractdetractretractcontractdistractabstractMeaning: [səb'trækt]  v. make a subtraction. 
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1. If you subtract 3 from 5, you get 2.
2. If you subtract 30 from 45, you get 15.
3. The children are learning to add and subtract.
4. Please subtract a quarter of the money for your own use.
5. The pupil could add and subtract but hadn't learned to divide.
6. Subtract three from fifteen.
7. Do not add unless you subtract.
8. Then subtract the cost of the loan.
9. Inhibition serves to subtract one input from another.
10. If you subtract 10 from 30, you get 20.
11. Subtract value of previous capital asset, £60,000.
12. To account for the Fibre-Filler, subtract 200 from your daily calorie total and add 15g to your daily fibre total.
13. She can not add or subtract or multiply or divide even the simplest numbers in her head.
14. Subtract the total of those items in levels I and 2 from your monthly income.
15. To get the clean price we subtract the interest that has been accruing at the rate of d percent up to that day.
16. To convert the temperature into Celsius, subtract 32, then multiply by 5 and divide by 9.
17. Subtract -20 as a penalty from any character whose player specifically states that his character is using Bluff or some similar skill.
18. Add to or subtract from this list according to the needs and activities of your particular organisation.
19. Subtract these calories from your total for the day and make up the rest from other meals.
20. Yet the panel did not subtract the substantial liabilities Simpson has incurred, including tax bills, attorneys fees and bank loans.
21. When thinking about sustainable growth rates, subtract at least 4 percentage points from current published figures.
22. Subtract your expenses from your income and you can see at a glance how much income is left to spend.
23. In their first year at school, most children learn to add and subtract.
24. 54 minus9 Let me see.Borrow one ten and add it to four to get fourteen,then subtract nine from fourteen,that's
25. Of course it would be meaningless to add and subtract different units of measurement like pounds and dollars.
26. Since then we have had cyclones, wars, floods, so many things to add and subtract.
27. The sums are open to anyone who can add or subtract.
28. It's quite easy to build the arch, however, if you are allowed to subtract stones as well as add them.
29. Your child needs to agree that you may add or subtract to the list.
30. If you are truly serious abut preparing your child for the future, don't teach him to subtract teach him to deduct. Fran Lebowitz 
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