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Crutch in a sentence

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Synonym: bracepropsupportSimilar words: Dutchscrutinyinscrutableoutcryoutcometruthbrutalin truthMeaning: [krʌtʃ]  n. 1. a wooden or metal staff that fits under the armpit and reaches to the ground; used by disabled person while walking 2. anything that serves as an expedient. 
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1. He saw religion as a psychological crutch.
2. He gave up the crutch of alcohol.
3. He kicked him in the crutch.
4. He sees religion as an emotional crutch.
5. He wrenched the crutch from Jacob, who didn'tfight him for it.
6. Her religion was a crutch to her when John died.
7. High interest rates are merely a crutch for the country's ailing economy.
8. He uses his wife as a kind of crutch because of his lack of confidence.
9. Alcoholics use drinking as a crutch.
10. The party had been a crutch for the weak.
11. He put his hand down to the crutch of the camiknickers and he fumbled with the little buttons.
12. Now their fragile consciences had the crutch of an externally imposed defence against future temptation.
13. A man on a crutch was thrown to the ground.
14. With a shout, Silver threw his crutch through the air.
15. Jealousy is a crutchTerri Guillemets 
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16. Here, of course, there is no phonetic crutch to rely on.
17. There was a crutch lying on the ground beside him and another at an angle under his right arm.
18. As an atheist, he believes that religion is just an emotional crutch for the insecure.
19. As things got worse at work, he began to use alcohol as a crutch.
20. Nicola was shown on a bar stool in a black skirt that barely hid her crutch.
21. The owners inadvertently supply another, but in their absence, this crutch isn't there and symptoms of separation anxiety occur.
22. With an oath he struggled up, plucked the arrow from the crutch and stumbled off among the trees.
23. His left leg was cut off above the knee and he walked with a crutch under his left shoulder.
24. Without another word she turned and made her way upstairs, using the crutch only as an added safety precaution.
25. He breathed through his mouth to try and not smell the fungus smell from his crutch.
26. But he began to struggle manfully upwards, gaining mastery over one step before getting a crutch trapped in the lattice.
27. Mrs Davison was injured when she jumped from a bedroom window and still has to use a crutch.
28. Stephen lurched and pushed against her, bumping painfully on her, grinding his pelvis into the delicate skin of her crutch.
29. He set her on her feet without a word and steadied her while she manoeuvred the crutch into position.
30. But the Bush White House is no longer the crutch on which the rival factions in Ireland should rely.
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