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Isentropic in a sentence

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Similar words: tropicstropicaltropical fishentropytropismmisanthropicphilanthropicspectroscopicMeaning: adj. with unchanging entropy; at constant entropy. 
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1. Understand and grasp the basic characteristics of isentropic flow.
2. The isentropic efficiency of the optimum design has 1.59 % higher than that of the reference design.
3. On the hypothesis of isentropic flow and quasi-steady flow, a model of gas parameters in the storage chamber is established by a method of the lumped parameters.
4. Numerical simulation of three-dimensional, steady, isentropic, non-symmetrical flow in rocket nozzles is completed using a bicharacteristic method.
5. Then a non-symmetric and a isentropic plug-type rectangular nozzles flow and their jet plumes were analysed numerically.
6. Based on the theory of isentropic potential vorticity(IPV), a diagnostic analysis of a continuous rain process in the east of Northwest China in the second ten-day of May in 2005 was carried out.
7. The jet sliding along the ridge on isentropic surface is consistent with the dark zone in WV image.
8. Two sets of analytical solutions of 1-D unsteady isentropic perfect gas flow with area change are given.
9. To the next research of isentropic load and driven flyer plates, our work give the foundation of basic experiment technique and theory model.
10. Grasp the concept of nozzle efficiency, isentropic stagnation and their calculation.
11. Isentropic claims a round-trip energy efficiency of up to 80% and, because gravel is cheap, the cost of a system per kilowatt-hour of storage would be between $10 and $55.
11. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
12. And the isentropic efficiency and the total pressure ratio decrease with increasing the scales of the tip clearance.
13. Nowdays, isentropic loading is one of the important tools to be used in research for materials EOS.
14. With isentropic ranges of efficiencies of up to 92%, our compressors achieve top results in international comparison!
15. Furthermore, if the entropy of the flow remains as a constant, we can have the isentropic Euler system, and if the flow is assumed to be irrotational, we can have the potential flow equation.
16. The basic data thus obtained could be used for the calculation of the isentropic efficiency in the expanding process of natural gas in refrigeration.
17. In this paper, it attempts to clarify some doubtful points existed currently which are related to detonation heat, isentropic equation and equation of state of detonation product.
18. In Chapter IV, we focused on the global existence of 2-d piston problem in isentropic compressible flow.
19. This weak cyclone can develop substantially and become a typical extratropical cyclone only when air from the lower stratosphere flows downslope along isentropic surfaces into the region of interest.
20. The dynamical characteristics of a cold wave in southeastern Asia during 3—8 January1983 were analysed with isentropic potential vorticity(IPV)charts.
21. The influence of liquid quantity carried out from the exit of expansion machine upon its isentropic efficiency is emphatically discussed in this paper.
22. A strong cold wave entering Qinghai-Xizang Plateau during 8-10 January of 1983 is analys. ed by the isentropic potential vorticity (IPV) maps.
23. It should be noted that, the entropy and temperature at the end point of a isentropic process may be calculated when the pressure ratio and initial enthalpy are known.
24. In this paper, the extrapolation formulas of rocket engine performance parameters are established utilizing one isentropic reference line and two partial derivatives for fixed enthalpy.
25. In this paper, the trajectory of particles and material line are calculated with the lagrangian method on an isentropic surface.
26. The numerical simulation technique is used to investigating the isentropic Mach number distribution on the different swept height blade surfaces of a turbine last stage blades.
27. An appropriate front lean angle increases the range of a centrifugal compressor, improves the flow and enhances the isentropic efficiency.
28. A perfectly stirred reactor model was adopted for its combustion chamber; and the steady quasi-1D isentropic flow was used for the nozzle flow.
29. This article describe the numerical simulation for shock compression which is produced by layered flyers impacting target, in which the isentropic curve is calculated by recurrence method.
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