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Solvency in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2016-10-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: solventinsolventsolveresolveabsolvedissolveevolveinvolveMeaning: ['sɑlvənsɪ /'sɒl-]  n. the ability to meet maturing obligations as they come due. 
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1. There are serious doubts as to the company's solvency.
2. Fears about the solvency of the banks precipitated the great economic crash.
3. But accomplishing solvency is no different from accomplishing any other goal.
4. A large boost to their independent solvency has been the Friday night allowance.
5. Even wealth and solvency seem to be drawbacks.
6. The solvency of the primary insurer can be threatened if the reinsurer is not financially sound.
7. If the key issue is bank solvency, converting debt to equity via bondholder haircuts presents an elegant solution to the problem.
8. Financial solvency can be a reflection ofyour sense of responsibility.
9. The government issued revised estimates on the solvency of Social Security and Medicare.
10. So the supervision of the solvency is the nucleus of the government insurance supervision.
11. Solvency Ratio One of many ratios used to gauge a company's ability to meet long-term obligations.
12. Equity ratio to equity ratio to measure long-term solvency is one of the targets.
13. Such regulation should not separate maintaining solvency from setting rates and reviewing market conduct.
14. Their targets, including profitability ratios, solvency ratios, asset management ratios.
15. Even if they launch a new pension scheme with less generous benefits they face maintaining the solvency of the old fund.
16. An improvement in leverage suggested an improvement in long-term solvency , while an improvement in liquidity was a good signal about the firm's ability to service current debt obligations.
17. How much risk economic and strategic factors pose for the operations of a firm, its profitability and long-term solvency ?We use the Rate of Return on Assets (ROA) to answer this question.
18. The unearned premium reserve is the main liability of non-life insurance company and its veracity has great influence on the solvency evaluation by insurance regulation department.
19. To achieve this in an efficient manner, it is essential that the ratio captures actual solvency.
20. The same accounting basis for asset and liability would help eliminate the mismatch of insurance accounting and reflect the real solvency margin of life insurance companies.
21. Transferring debt backed by bad assets from government hands to private hands does not create financial solvency.
22. Economists say such high interest costs won't undermine Italy's solvency quickly,[] since it still pays a relatively low average interest rate on its roughly EUR1.9 trillion of total debt.
23. The Shareholders will procure that the Directors first make a declaration of solvency (if applicable).
24. Thus, apart from the current ratio and quick ratio, analysts may use the cash ratio to evaluate the immediate solvency.
25. Creditor's rights management is the need that increases asset fluidity and solvency.
26. Secondly, base on financial data, this thesis analyze financial ratio to gain COSCOL's financial profitability, growth capacity, solvency and operational capacity.
27. Comprehensive performance evaluation of listed companies can be constructed in aspects of profitability, solvency, growth ability and operating capacity.
28. But the end of the day Monday, about bank solvency and the weak economy returned.
29. The second part uses simple financial index to explain and analyse the operating status in terms of solvency, managerial efficiency and profitability.
30. Investment is an important business for life insurers, which has an great influence on their profit, the future solvency and the long term stability.
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