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Delve in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2016-10-07Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: digexplorehuntlookscoopsearchSimilar words: themselvessolveevolvesolventresolveinvolvedelaymodelMeaning: [delv]  v. turn up, loosen, or remove earth. 
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(1) Newspapers often delve pruriently into people's private lives.
(2) We should not delve too deeply into this painful matter.
(3) It's not always a good idea to delve too deeply into someone's past.
(4) Again we must delve back in history to understand how we got to this position.
(5) No one was to be called upon to delve too deeply into his pocket, it was agreed.
(6) We delve deeply into the psyche for memories of past experience and sensation to judge any work of art.
(7) But I think we must delve into the past for some link with what is happening here today.
(8) Which is why people delve into the two system start-up files and edit commands out.
(9) We shall need also to delve into the foundations of mathematics, and even to question the very nature of physical reality.
(10) To delve into interface design further, consider video on-demand.
(11) This man would want to know everything, would delve and dig, and not be satisfied with surface explanations.
(12) Recommended to anyone keen to delve beneath the stock images of this troubled but beautiful country.
(13) To build a good salt delve gas storage reservoir, sonar measuring technique is introduced.
(14) I, Earth Mother[], would like to delve into Mila and Oa's personal experiences in ascension.
(15) We need to delve more deeply into these questions.
(16) When scientists delve into studies of the co-evolution of plants and their pollinators, they have something of a chicken/egg problem—which evolved first, the plant or its pollinator?
(17) If you're interested in a subject, use the Internet to delve deeper.
(18) While some contributions amount to little more than a description of manufacturers' software, others delve into the concepts and methodologies.
(19) But as a text oriented towards the practitioner it does not delve deeper than what would be already known by the reader.
(20) That leaves the weapons connection, but it is inappropriate for the Sizewell inquiry to delve deeply into this issue.
(21) For the long-term causes of the Famine we have to delve deep behind the flat time-dimension of 1922.
(22) His response is to abandon the troubled human mind, and delve into the animal world instead.
(23) It will highlight 1, 000 courses, some obscure, and delve into history, trivia and tradition.
(24) Yet here the counsellor faces the problem of whether to delve into the difficult past, or to leave it alone.
(25) These are designed to whet rather than satisfy the appetite - but short bibliographies help would-be students to delve further.
(26) Boards replete with buddies rubberstamp executive decisions -- but no one pays attention until something goes wrong, and outsiders delve into board connections.
(27) For now, Pippy is just this interactive environment, not a way of creating standalone applications (unless you want to delve deeper into the source than I could).
(28) Blazing Star Herbal School offers unique and exciting programs in herbal studies to give both the student and professional an opportunity to delve deeper into the art and science of herbalism.
(29) But while he is under increasing pressure from leading Democrats to delve more deeply into the negotiations by taking positions on specific policy issues, he largely resisted doing so Wednesday night.
(30) Interview with and international opinion leaders, culture masters and delve into their life attitudes and visions.
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