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Genetic in a sentence

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Synonym: familialgeneticalgenichereditaryinheritedtransmissibletransmittedSimilar words: magneticgeneat one timegenerousgeneratein generalgeneration gapathleticMeaning: [dʒɪ'netɪk] adj. 1. tending to occur among members of a family usually by heredity 2. of or relating to or produced by or being a gene 3. pertaining to or referring to origin 4. of or relating to the science of genetics. 
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1. A generation ago genetic codes were certainly unknown.
2. Scientists have used genetic engineering to protect tomatoes against the effects of freezing.
3. Genetic engineers transpose or exchange bits of hereditary material from one organism to the next.
4. Each person's genetic code is unique except in the case of identical twins.
5. Genetic scientists are often accused of perverting nature.
6. Scientists have found a genetic mutation that appears to be the cause of Huntington's disease.
7. Sexual reproduction serves to create genetic variety.
8. The offspring contain a mixture of the genetic blueprint of each parent.
9. Aggression is part of our genetic make - up.
10. DNA carries the genetic blueprint which tells any organism how to build itself.
11. We can use genetic engineering techniques to isolate the gene that is responsible.
12. Researchers are convinced of a genetic cause for the disease.
13. Physical characteristics are determined by genetic inheritance.
14. Genetic engineering will have revolutionary consequences for mankind.
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15. Researchers are gradually deciphering the genetic structure found in the cells of organisms.
16. In our DNA we all carry a genetic template for the next generation.
17. Scientists provided the key to understanding the genetic code that determines every bodily feature.
18. It's very difficult to treat genetic diseases.
19. The genetic material has suffered a mutation.
20. By changing the tomato's genetic blueprint , scientists can alter the rate at which it ripens.
21. There are tests which can establish a baby's genetic endowment.
22. Our genetic inheritance cannot be changed.
23. Eye colour shows your genetic inheritance.
24. Genetic engineering is still in its infancy.
25. She is due to deliver a lecture on genetic engineering.
26. Genetic engineers should not be allowed to play God, interfering with the basic patterns of Nature.
27. It is probable that the disease has a genetic element.
28. The genetic variation of some plants from their parents results in expansion of the gene pool for a particular species.
29. Aside from a thorough medical family history, there is no need to offer any genetic testing on the basis of consanguinity alone.
30. I'm giving a seminar on the latest developments in genetic engineering next week.
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