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Simulate in a sentence

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Synonym: assumecopyfeignimitatemodelshamSimilar words: stimulatesimulacrumstimulatingstimulationemulateaccumulatestimulantsimultaneouslyMeaning: ['sɪmjəleɪt /-jʊl-]  v. 1. reproduce someone's behavior or looks 2. create a representation or model of 3. make a pretence of. 
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1 The wood had been painted to simulate stone.
2 He found it impossible to simulate grief.
3 I tried to simulate surprise at the news.
4 Computer software can be used to simulate conditions on the sea bed.
5 A sheet of metal was shaken to simulate the noise of thunder.
6 Models are used to simulate the workings of a real-life system.
7 The scientist developed one model to simulate a full year of the globe's climate.
8 In cheap furniture, plastic is often used to simulate wood.
9 To trigger parthenogenesis, then, Loeb had to simulate fertilisation.
10 You can simulate them on a very powerful computer.
11 James felt obliged to simulate reluctance.
12 This machine can simulate conditions in space.
13 We use an upwelling-diffusion energy-balance climate model to simulate the effects of greenhouse and solar forcing over the period 1765 to 1985.
14 The models are developed to simulate the stress train field induced on the living bone by the implant.
15 Although it may seem strange to simulate a parallel process on a sequential machine,( there have been many benefits.
16 To simulate reality the moving object must appear to have depth, but not be transparent.
17 The hydraulic arms then buffet it to simulate the forces at work during an earthquake.
18 Although digital computers have to simulate this parallelism, true neural network hardware will really perform the operations in parallel.
19 So, to simulate fertilisation, it is necessary only to mimic this disruption.
20 Advanced computer modelling techniques have been developed to simulate the refining process.
21 None the less the Bristol computer managed to simulate different effects of varying wrist torques.
22 Panels can be painted, papered or purchased in pre-decorated finishes to simulate anything from tiles to woodgrain.
23 Outline the problems met with in designing a model to simulate changes in the size and structure of a human population.
24 The parameters in Tables 2 and 3 can now be used to simulate the effects of trade restrictions. 6.
25 These models, some of which involve hundreds of equations, are then used to simulate the effects of different policies.
26 As computers become more powerful, designers will be able to simulate more sophisticated life forms, including people.
27 Greeking-a software device where areas of grey are used to simulate lines of text.
28 According to SynQuest, this will allow Ford to plan and simulate its logistics process, making the supply chain more reliable.
29 Supers fill the stage at every opportunity, choreographed to simulate horror.
30 The experiments will be linked to attempts to develop computer models which simulate object naming processes in humans.
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