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Accumulative in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2017-02-06Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: accumulationcumulativeaccumulatestimulatingrelativesuperlativerelativelylegislativeMeaning: [-lətɪv]  adj. 1. increasing by successive addition 2. marked by acquiring or amassing. 
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1) The consensus is that risk factors have an accumu-lative effect.
2) We live in an accumulative society.
3) It was impossible to state with accumulative our loss.
4) the accumulative effects of pollution.
5) According tothe result the accumulative effect was minor.
6) The accumulative net outward investment reaches $ 90.63 billion.
7) Here accumulative total of sample area to bath volume was 2.4 dm ~2· L ~ ( - 1 ).
8) Accumulative rule of origin.
9) The accumulative coefficients of carps decrease by the rise of phenolate concentration.
10) MB 2 magnesium alloy was deformed by accumulative roll bonding ( ARB ) technology.
11) However,[] the accumulative concentrations of DDT and BHC in 1998 was much higher than that of some foreign countries.
12) Two accumulative error indices are defined as the discernment signals of the fault detection in a liquid propellant rocket engine.
13) But the accumulative reimbursement won't surpass 3 % of each single contract amount money.
14) One the world comes, car travel accumulative total 300 much kilometers.
15) The accumulative calculation is also not scientific, for example, the times of the unsettled tax dodging crimes is not clear and the standard of "unsettled" is ambiguous.
16) Net value of fund accumulative total is to point to fund from the accrual since beginning.
17) As the spring comes, the weather is becoming accumulative hot.
18) Research and development of group accumulative total and produced a variety of 500 beverage food.
19) And they are out of whack, Lovelock was to find out, because of the curious accumulative effects of coevolution.
20) He defined a game as a conflict of interests resolved by the accumulative choices players make while trying to anticipate each other.
21) N - Hexane is highly volatile, highly lipid soluble and accumulative.
22) The harm of electromagnetic radiation to human beings can be divided into the hot function, the non- hot function, the stimulation and the accumulative action.
23) Bi - directional reactive embedded three - phase watt - hour meter adopts bi - directional reversible type accumulative character wheel register.
24) Yes, you asked me to guarantee that by the time your usance L/ C is due, the accumulative value of our purchase from you should be the same as the value of your L/ C.
25) A method of fast motion estimation based on frame vector accumulative carry and adaptive break algorithms is proposed.
26) The uniform ultra - fine grained copper was prepared by asymmetrical accumulative rolling bonding ( AARB ) and anneal.
27) The used equipment could have been sold outright for not more than $6050.It had cost $12000 new,and accumulative depreciation it was $5200,making the net book value $6800.
28) Leucite basalt was solidified by secondary magma, which was produced by fractional crystallization of a small amount (14%) of accumulative rock from primitive magma and assimilation of granite(28%).
29) This algorithm doesn't need to meet the request of "constant gray level of the image", and reduces the tracking accumulative error.
30) A questionnaire survey, lung function test and assessment of accumulative exposure index were made in coke oven workers and control group.
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