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Stimulation in a sentence

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Similar words: stimulatingstimulatestimulantaccumulationstimulusadulationregulationpopulationMeaning: [‚stɪmjə'leɪʃn /-jʊ'l-]  n. 1. the act of arousing an organism to action 2. any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action 3. (physiology) the effect of a stimulus (on nerves or organs etc.) 4. mutual sexual fondling prior to sexual intercourse. 
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1. You don't get any intellectual stimulation in this job.
2. The playgroup provides plenty of stimulation for the children.
3. His apathy necessitates stimulation.
4. Children need variety and stimulation.
5. Many enjoy the mental stimulation of a challenging job.
6. Electric stimulation causes the regrowth of bones.Sentence dictionary
7. I missed the stimulation of working with others when I tried to go it alone.
8. The author also frequently uses transcutaneous electrical stimulation.
9. They were stabled indoors without companions or sensory stimulation.
10. The degree of mental stimulation was absent.
11. At that time, behavior is elicited by stimulation.
12. Teaching through stimulation and enjoyment should be our stock-in-trade.
13. It is that kind of stimulation all day long.
14. Some forms of this treatment include self-administered electrical stimulation.
15. But there was next to no creative intellectual stimulation.
16. The brief period of electrical stimulation of the hippocampal cells had seemingly permanently altered their electrical properties.
17. It was known that stimulation caused the heart to increase its oxygen consumption.
18. Constant attention and stimulation in comfortable surroundings worked wonders for Christopher(, now 4 1 / 2.
19. This indicates that the stimulation of cell proliferation may not be the only factor in ulcer healing by sucralfate.
20. In the case of pancreatic secretion, stimulation of bicarbonate but not protein output was observed.
21. This will be achieved via the stimulation of the private and voluntary sector.
22. Near the boundary, the electrical stimulation may spread enough to evoke both movements.
23. She has a low threshold of boredom and needs the constant stimulation of physical activity.
24. Looking after a baby at home all day is nice but it doesn't provide much intellectual stimulation.
25. While she was at home looking after her children, she felt deprived of intellectual stimulation.
26. Babies who sleep with their parents receive much more tactile stimulation than babies who sleep in a cot.
27. Like a weak version of cocaine or amphetamine, alcohol boosts dopamine levels, producing a brief period of heady stimulation.
28. You find that cells in adjacent parts of the visual cortex are activated by stimulation in adjacent parts of the visual field.
29. When a pregnant woman drinks a cup of coffee, her unborn child experiences the same degree of stimulation.
30. To him, these represented a lifeline to the non-hospital world and provided some stimulation.
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