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Antiseptic in a sentence

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Synonym: sterilisedsterilizedSimilar words: pedanticromanticanticipatedeceptiveperceptionexceptionreceptionconceptionMeaning: n. a substance that destroys micro-organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues. adj. 1. thoroughly clean and free of or destructive to disease-causing organisms 2. clean and honest 3. freeing from error or corruption 4. made free from live bacteria or other microorganisms 5. (extended sense) of exceptionally clean language. 
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(1) Dab the graze with antiseptic.
(2) Mint is a mild antiseptic.
(3) She bathed the cut with antiseptic.
(4) He swilled his mouth out with antiseptic.
(5) Use antiseptic to clean and dress cuts.
(6) He dabbed the cut with antiseptic.
(7) Peroxide is a bleach and an antiseptic.
(8) Antiseptic is used to sterilize the skin before giving an injection.
(9) Cover the burn with an antiseptic dressing.
(10) Essential oils have powerful antiseptic properties.
(11) Some herbs have antiseptic qualities.
(12) Put a little antiseptic cream on the grazed skin.
(13) The burn of the antiseptic made him wince.
(14) You should put some antiseptic on that cut.
(15) This antiseptic is for external use only.
(16) These vegetables and herbs have strong antiseptic qualities.
(17) Have you got any antiseptic for this cut?
(18) She gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash.
(19) There's an air of antiseptic cleanliness about the new town centre(, with its covered shopping mall and perfect flower displays.
(20) It is an antiseptic cream suitable for minor skin irritations.
(21) I put some antiseptic on the cut and it stung for a moment.
(22) Antiseptic stings a little.
(23) The room has the immaculate, antiseptic air of a hospital laboratory.
(24) The rash application of strong antiseptic solutions to prevent or ward off infection is another rare cause of urethritis.
(25) They contain a natural antiseptic which fights spot-causing bacteria and dries up the blemishes.
(26) Once an abscess has burst it should be bathed with antiseptic liquid.
(27) In the 1870s and 1880s, doctors began to follow the principles of antiseptic surgery.
(28) They're doing tests to evaluate the effectiveness of this herb as an antiseptic.
(29) These are the upstanding citizens, the clean and the antiseptic.
(30) Nathan's face tightened in a wince and he muttered something unintelligible as she smoothed on some antiseptic cream.
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