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Segment in a sentence

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Synonym: divisionfractionpartportionsectionsubdivisionSimilar words: fragmentcommencementamendmententertainmentsentimentmomentmentorcommentMeaning: ['segmənt]  n. 1. one of several parts or pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole object 2. one of the parts into which something naturally divides. v. 1. divide into segments 2. divide or split up. 
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1. Thoughts of you Be like kite segment the line.
2. The company dominates this segment of the market.
3. She cleaned a small segment of the painting.
4. Three-to-five day cruises are the fastest-growing segment of the market.
5. Market researchers often segment the population on the basis of age and social class.
6. A large segment of the population regularly takes vitamins.
7. The program included a short segment about pet owners.
8. Direct marketing is the fastest growing segment of retailing.
9. The second important segment is rural electrification.
10. Planners expect the new segment of the subway to carry as many as 3,000 people per day.
11. These services have been positioned against a particular segment within the diffused travel market, and are promoted accordingly.
12. On the proximal arm segment the arm spines meet midradially forming a single fan.
13. The distal end of the intestinal segment was connected via a plastic tube to a basin on the plate.
14. The third segment might look very like a and be assigned a high score on the basis of its acoustic-phonetic features.
15. People over the age of 85 make up the fastest-growing population segment.
16. The big six record companies are multinational[], and thus can segment the world market into national ones.
17. Women's tennis is the market leader in a growing market segment — women's sports.
18. The indifferent continue to greatly outnumber the inspired when it comes to decentralized management in that important segment of the management population.
19. This is supposedly a well known fact in certain circles.I heard it from a segment of this circle.
20. Couples with joint incomes over $50,000 are the fastest growing segment of the housing market.
21. This identifier was used whenever the zone to the left or to the right of the line segment being digitized was sea.
22. It is most unlikely that without the reformulation a hearer would have even understood what the first segment was about.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. Then slice the island like a cake, taking a day to explore each segment.
24. Wilsonart, which makes decorative laminates, represents the bulk of the segment.
25. He saw Raymo heaving open the car door, a stutter motion, each segment leaving a blur behind.
26. Firstly, many of the internal organs are repeated in each body segment.
27. D voiceless fricative or any voiced consonant not immediately followed by a voiceless segment.
28. The Deutocerebrum represents the fused ganglia of the antennal Segment.
29. Q29 Examine the main dimensions or bases which a marketing manager might use to segment his market.
30. All contacts would be paid on the spot at the completion of filming their segment.
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