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Nauseous in a sentence

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Similar words: gaseousinauspiciousnauseaad nauseamnauseatedlose outnose outphase outMeaning: ['nɔːʃəs /-zɪəs ,-sɪəs]  adj. 1. causing or able to cause nausea 2. feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit. 
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(1) I felt slightly nauseous .
(2) He felt shivery and nauseous.
(3) I feel a bit nauseous.
(4) A nauseous wave of pain broke over her.
(5) Roller coasters make me feel nauseous.
(6) The taste made me nauseous .
(7) She felt/was nauseous during the sea crossing.
(8) She was nauseous during the sea crossing.
(9) I'm a little nauseous from the medication.
(10) The smell of booze is making me nauseous.
(11) I felt nauseous and rotten for a week.
(12) The thought of food made her feel nauseous.
(13) The landrover ride made him feel nauseous.
(14) She combined kitchen liquids into a nauseous potion.
(15) She felt dizzy and nauseous.
(16) In fact she felt awful, nauseous and light-headed and clammy.
(17) I suddenly felt nauseous with anger and humiliation - none of the things I'd felt at the time.
(18) She suddenly felt nauseous, and went to the sink and heaved uncontrollably.
(19) The glare of the nauseous streetlights which made the world faceless and colourless.
(20) The sensation passed, leaving her nauseous and curiously empty ....
(21) I began to feel slightly nauseous and wondered if Archie's words might be having a toxic effect.
(22) The stifling heat of the little room was beginning to make me nauseous.
(23) If the patient is poorly nourished, the drugs make them feel nauseous.
(24) It was thickly covered with milk chocolate, which increased the sickly sweetness of the ice-cream to a nauseous intensity.
(25) The thought of going from twenty-one to fifty-one is making me nauseous.
(26) This one was the worst so far, and it left her feeling shivery and nauseous.
(27) Prince's music makes me think of Des Esseintes's symphony of perfumes: exquisite, heady, overpowering, slightly nauseous.
(28) For others losing sleep, developing obsessional thoughts, or feeling nauseous, and so on.
(29) Now direct experimental evidence has proved the assumption justified, at least when the prey are nauseous chicken eggs and the predators crows.
(30) Flashes of warmth darted uncomfortably through his chilled limbs and he felt nauseous.
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