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Heighten in a sentence

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Antonym: lowerSimilar words: heighteighteenlightentightenbrightenfrightenenlightenlighteningMeaning: ['haɪtn]  v. 1. become more extreme 2. make more extreme; raise in quantity, degree, or intensity 3. increase 4. increase the height of 5. make (one's senses) more acute 6. make more intense, stronger, or more marked. 
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1. There are fears that the march will heighten racial tension.
2. Seeing others enjoying themselves only served to heighten his sense of loneliness.
3. The campaign is intended to heighten public awareness of the disease.
4. Increased levels of fat in the diet could heighten the risk of cancer.
5. Feelings of guilt heighten feelings of anxiety.
6. Trade tends to be protected when international tensions heighten.
7. Police hope the bus advertising campaign will help heighten public awareness of Operation Blade.
8. While we use salt to heighten flavor, we use acidity to provide definition.
9. The succession struggle is going to heighten tensions between the party's fundamentalist and gradualist factions.
10. These defeats only heighten the fact that victory today is vital.
11. Studying the pictures to heighten their sense of what the words say.
12. The upshot of all this was to heighten the military tension on the divided peninsula.
13. This will heighten your awareness of little-word buildup(, and help you revise quickly.
14. Some texts heighten irrational thinking and glorify upper-caste Hindu symbols.
15. Perhaps they hope to heighten their appreciation of nature by gaining insight into its ways.
16. McKenna had me look skyward to help release a burst of alpha waves, the ones that make you heighten your awareness.
17. Yet the very decision not to touch only served to heighten the awareness of what could happen when they did.
18. The best known example of the phenomenon is in cells of the retina, where its effect is to heighten contrast.
19. Honorable beginnings should serve to awaken curiosity, not to heighten people's expectations. We are much better off when reality surpasses our expectations, and something turns out better than we thought it would. Baltasar Gracian 
20. Should Gatting and his crew receive their paroles one's sympathy for refuseniks like Rob Bailey can only heighten.
21. Then exclamation marks abound, and she uses verbs in the imperative to heighten the drama of her warning to humanity.
22. In addition, the United States is organizing a drive to heighten diplomatic and economic pressure.
23. Indeed, as we shall see, in certain circumstances economic integration can heighten nationalism.
24. Gary McCaleb, mayor of Abilene, Texas[Sentence dictionary], said Brown could heighten awareness about the importance of city government.
25. Thursday's hike in interest rates had served only to heighten that conviction.
26. Would the development of this sort of politics not heighten racial tension and conflict?
27. This week it has launched the Depression Awareness Week Nationwide campaign to inform and heighten public awareness about depression.
28. By precisely wallowing in her own guilt and self pity she then needs to heighten her self esteem.
29. Verbal exchanges in the days leading up to the opening ceremony had served only to heighten the interest in the event.
30. The organizers had strongly denied government accusations that the protest was an attempt to heighten political tensions.
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